My best friend, my worst nemesis

There is an Amharic saying which roughly says, “Don’t migrate with a childhood friend.” Why? Well the guy knows all your secrets! You know, those secrets you want absolutely no one to... Read more »

Win You’re ‘us,’ Lose, You’re ‘Black’!

Yes I watched the entire Euro 2020, every single game of it. And it was time well spent. An enjoyable experience to say the least, with the goliaths of soccer left jelly-kneed... Read more »

Motivated to fight! Really!

Ephrem Endale  Contributer  Motivated to fight! Kids of barely eleven or twelve motivated to fight! Really! Most of us were expecting some criticism on the part of the international community. We thought... Read more »

It’s all in ‘The Eye!’

“Hey, what is the problem?” “What problem?” “You don’t seem to be well.” that is an understatement. The guy looks like his better half has been working the whole night on him... Read more »

Stay on Your Side of the Fence

   Ephrem Endale  Contributer The other day a few of us close chums (except one ‘outsider’) were chatting about what happened in New York. Sorry, what was that? Oh, you didn’t hear... Read more »

The angry & the abused

A cabbie angry about something and behind the wheel is the last person you want to encounter. I was sitting by the side of one a few days back and I have... Read more »

Get back on your feet; brush off the dust…

Ephrem Endale Contributer  Now that the elections are over and the heavy political air whatever that means, has mellowed it’s time for serious thinking. Looking back one can’t wondering, “Did all these... Read more »

Caught red-handed

 It was one of those stories you refuse to believe. You know, an event would happened to others and not you and your beloved ones; Like all the bad things happen elsewhere;... Read more »

It’s all about manners!

Ephrem Endale  Contributer  Speaking of manners, Addis seems to have a lot of catching up to do. Where have all those day-to-day Good Samaritans gone to? Where is that “Enen Yidfagn!” when... Read more »

Go, give lucifer a call!

 Hey; it’s me writing to you. Isn’t that some story, me writing to you while there is the thing we call smartphone or something? Sometimes things happen, don’t they? I’d like to... Read more »