The five-thousand Birr solution

The scoundrels were out in force to make quick bucks out of the people’s misery. One thing that made this holiday season more painful is that the rogues in the business community... Read more »

“Are you talkin’ to me?”

Saturday, Easter eve, early afternoon. The cell phone ‘screams.’ (It was a friend who said the ringtone of my cell was closer to a scream than a sober ringtone.) “Hello!” It wasn’t... Read more »

The ‘loyal’ crowd

“What happened to you?”  “I beg your pardon!” “You were a loyal supporter of … political party.” Oh no, not again! You never were even a supporter let alone a ‘loyal’ one!... Read more »

Pulling the ethnic card

My cell rings late into the night while watching some action film. No one I know calls at that time of the night. I don’t know the number calling. Having expected too... Read more »

The whole picture and nothing less!

A few days back I was having this chat with a relative of mine about the virus problem which seems to be redefining everything. The strictly religious soul she was, she told... Read more »

What a day!

The minute you live home in the morning you pray that you’ll be hearing only good news. There is so much bad news making the rounds that for once you pray for... Read more »

Moderation and self-restraint

“…all means available!” Really! That was threat out of Cairo, to use “…all means available,” to protect the interests of its people, made no sooner than the US Treasury Department (The what!)... Read more »

“To Tela, tej, and katikal… We are coming back home!”

The last time there was a revolution around here one reason was the hike of a few cents in petrol prices. The cabbies were up in arms. No wonder if some find... Read more »

“It’s alright!” Is it?

“Cool down; it’s alright!” a couple of people were trying to calm a lady probably in her late thirties. She was arguing with a fellow about a decade her senior. None of... Read more »

“Sayonara!” to a breed overstaying its welcome

There is a breed which, while it should have joined the dinosaurs, is still alive and kicking, and kicking hard too. That breed which enjoys belittling everything local, from good old injera... Read more »