The father of Ethiopian Jazz- Journey to creativity, recognition and fame

What makes an artist great? The answer to this question might be tough but one thing is clear. An artist achieves greatens at least by creating something that has not been created... Read more »

Knock not at my heart’s door once more

When you Came home Back a fortnight In the early hours Of the night Outside, Beneath a tree We were free; So enjoying A romantic glee As usual, As you previously Initiated... Read more »


Grandma, your absence left such a void in my heart, past the barking dogs we stepped into the yard, saw your hut you used to sit at a spot knees bent, missed... Read more »

Life is but a puzzle

Life is but a puzzle, an it doesn’t always fit, sometimes you will fly, or flutter off an flit, or sink down really low, In a godforsaken pit. BY ALEM KIDANE THE... Read more »

Why Africa’s artistic renaissance is becoming a vibrant reality

The term Renaissance, meaning rebirth, is a French word that designates a period in European history when science, arts and philosophy assumed the upper hand in reenergizing most European societies and the... Read more »

 Pelting eyes for opportunities at hand (Short Story)

“How are you our regular customer? You have been absent lately? Is it macchiato you take as usual?” said a waitress approaching me with a sunny face. “I’m fine. Thank you. Yes,... Read more »

The philosophy of art in African culture, contemporary perspectives

Earlier in the 20th century, and more particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, discussions and debates on African philosophy centered around the question whether Africa has a philosophy worthy or the term.... Read more »

 Predators are predatory (Short Story)

Everything seems a ruinous outburst. It is just like an outburst emanating from a deep silence. The mother ape and its baby were strolling in the shade of a tree in the... Read more »

 A bereaved-turned lover

 In my favorite Big and busy café Attired in full black A new cashier girl When it comes To beauty And elegance Infinitesimal piece That doesn’t lack Smote by grief Stuck out... Read more »


According to the podcast of Oprah Winfrey and Arthur Brooks (social scientist) on YouTube … People are less happy nowadays and social media plays a role in this because it is a... Read more »