Legacy of Paulin Hountondji, Prominent African Philosopher

Tributes had been pouring out following the death of Paulin Hountondji, who passed away on recently at the age of 81. According to his brief biography, Hountundji was born on April 11,... Read more »

Shewal Eid Festival to kick off in Harar on April 18th, 2024

Introduction The vibrant Shewal Eid Festival, scheduled for Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, in Harar, promises a colorful celebration. Preparation has been underway, with young girls and boys undergoing training for lively parades.... Read more »

 Fortunately, it resuscitates

As mother nature’s Punitive measure Against a society In maintaining The statuesque That doesn’t bother, Our rivers Had become subject To a water thirst, To the extent Of projecting Rocky ribs Terrifyingly... Read more »

 Inequalities of all shades

Though in dexterity my physically challenged carpenter father, Than the physically fit proves better, as a source to his anger, With contemporaries a level ground he enjoyed never! From late childhood there... Read more »

Involving Ethiopian/African artists in the fight to reclaim stolen artifacts

I have written a couple of articles about Lemn Sissay, the British-born Ethiopian poet and playwright who recently adopted to the stage Franz Kafka’s classic novel called “The Metamorphosis” Today, I am... Read more »


Whether I am happy or sad Whether I am angry or mad Life goes on Whether I am poor or rich taller or shorter than I reach life goes on Whether I... Read more »

 Participating in poetry blogs pays off in terms of pulling off literary craftsmanship

As an editor of the art column of The Ethiopian Herald many emerging poets and short story writers from different age brackets approach me to get their articles published in the paper.... Read more »

Solar eclipses, interpretations in different cultures

Natural phenomena are expressed in various cultures differently depending on the available knowledge and the prevailing belief systems. One could perhaps say that this was more or less the case since Adam... Read more »

African cultures , languages in the long journey to integration and unity

How many cultures and languages are there in Africa? Studies suggest that there are more than 3000 spoken and/or written languages in Africa although they may not be fully investigated or explored.... Read more »

Fiche Chamballala: A feast beyond celebraring a new year

According to one of sidama folklores, a young woman used to vist her parents annually following her marriage. She used to carry gifts like the delicious Sidama traditional food called Bursame, made... Read more »