Boosting Lalibela’s tourist inflow via permanent exhibition

BY TEWODROS KASSA Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches are among the leading Ethiopian tourist destinations. It is an ancient human’s sophisticated foot print of architectural wisdom. Thousands and millions of people annually visit the... Read more »

“A good translator should be bilingual and bicultural,”Assistant Professor Yohannes Beyene

 BY WAKUMAN KUDAMA Throughout history, translators have played significant roles in facilitating the sharing of knowledge across different cultures and societies. Nowadays, evidences indicate that there is shortage of language translators; they... Read more »

On the moon’s other side

BY DESALEGN DAGNEW Staring up to the west Aman’s face brightened up with a smile, which created a ripple effect over his teeth and eyes. The moon’s light added a glow over... Read more »

Africa needs to reclaim its cultural heritages lost to colonialism

BY MULUGETA GUDETA  As Africa is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Union (OAU) in 1963 which was renamed the African Union (AU) back in 2004,... Read more »

 Biftu Oromiya Band beat of harmony and unity

BY NAOL GIRMA  If Ethiopian societies are like threads of a woven fabric, art is among and the strongest threads. Songs, legends, tale or other art forms plays an important role in... Read more »

From Adversity to Triumph

BY ADDISALEM MULAT Arat Kilo, my humble abode, The place where dreams were sowed. Challenges came, hardships faced, But with determination, all I embraced. From scratch, I began to build, My hopes... Read more »

 Yes tomorrow was created yesterday

BY ALEM HAILU G/KRISTOS Hey, Our pristine identity Due attention to which We seem remiss to pay, The freedom oxygen We inhale today Also which our off springs Will breathe tomorrow, The... Read more »

India’s G-20 tourism summit-developing countries should be invited

BY MULUGETA GUDETA  The third G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting was held from 22nd to 24th may 2023 in Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir. The G-20 leaders’ summit is expected to take place... Read more »

WEMEZEKE, the Coming Rainy Season and the New Generation of Readers

BY MULUGETA GUDETA In her blog post entitled “The Dog Days of Summer…weather and Creativity”, blogger Marlyn Barefoot writes about the connection between the weather and the artistic creativity. She says that,... Read more »

Any lesson for the present? Why Haile Gerima’s ‘Teza’(Morning Dew) remains a masterpiece

 BY MULUGETA GUDETA The Ethiopian film industry has a long history of dating back to the 1960s but its growth is in no way commensurate with its long existence. The first film... Read more »