Ethio Space Kids Club:Nurturing next space scientists

Ancient Ethiopian religious manuscripts reveal that ancient Ethiopians have a thorough knowledge of astronomy and space science. The ancient Ethiopian manuscripts mainly written in Geez language contain rare knowledge of space science... Read more »

 5G network: a New Year gift for Addis Ababa

The fifth generation network (5G) characterized by the fastest speed (up to10 Gbs), low latency (less than 1 ms) and massive communication capability (up to 1 Million connections within 1 km2), can... Read more »

 Enhancing multi-sector cooperation to realize Digital Ethiopia-2025 strategy

Ethiopia launched the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy in 2020. Since then, during the past three years, Ethiopia is striving to accelerate the digitalization journey by increasing the investments in expanding the infrastructural... Read more »

 Making it rain: Efforts to advance cloud seeding technology in Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia is exploring different innovative solutions to tackle water scarcity and drought in the arid and semi-arid areas. As part of its efforts to tackle climate change, Ethiopia has... Read more »

The development of solar technology in Ethiopia

Found around Ayat roundabouts in the capital, Addis Ababa, a six-storey building of Lydetco Solar Energy headquarter fully uses solar energy for power consumption of the whole building. One storey residential and... Read more »

ICT development  to transform the agrarian economy to digital economy

Aligned with the ten year development perspective plan, Ethiopia’s Digital Strategy 2025 aims at realizing digital economy by 2025 so as to accelerate the country’s development journey. Ethiopia envisions being a middle... Read more »

 Summer Camp: New initiative to improve capacity of innovators

Innovation brings creative solutions to problems and accelerates economic growth and business activities. It can lead to an increase in productivity, quality of production, by helping using similar inputs to generate greater... Read more »

 Creating strong institutional cyber-security culture with vibrant leadership

Technology, process and people are the three pillars of cyber-security. Without strong connection between these pillars, it is difficult to secure the cyber space and to provide secure services. Cyber-security is becoming... Read more »

Ethio Telecom: driver of Ethiopia’s digital transformation

In 2020, Ethiopia launched Digital Transformation Strategy to achieve it fully by 2025. The Digital Ethiopia 2025 aims to digitalize major services and to make the digital sector major driver of the... Read more »

 Securing digital sovereignty

These days, cyber security is becoming a matter of national survival and securing national development. Services are growingly dependent to the cyber technology and the sector is prone to cybercrimes. Parallel to... Read more »