Promising students’ technological inventions

Science is the springboard for the leap in technology and innovations. And schools are the nursery of science and innovations. Schools are ideal places for students to change the theoretical ideas they... Read more »

The locally manufactured mobile Tomato processing plant

During a recent “Ethiopia Tamrit” exhibition organized at Millennium Hall here in Addis Ababa, the Bishoftu Automotive Industry an affiliate part of Ethio Engineering Group presented a mobile Tomato processing plant. Quality... Read more »

 Cultivating technology startups, innovators at the grassroots level (Central Ethiopia organizes 1st science, innovation Expo)

Developing and promoting the science, technology, and innovation sector is among the priority national agendas of Ethiopia to realize prosperity. Within this context, the Ethiopian government, at the federal level, is taking... Read more »

The rise of the startup industry in Ethiopia

With the government’s initiatives to create a conducive ecosystem for the startup industry and continuous support for startup businesses, the startup industry has shown significant developments in recent years. Different initiatives are... Read more »

 Digital-tech industry in the backpack Smart Link Properties to penetrate African market

STRIDE Ethiopia 2024 Expo was organized at the Science Museum from 18 to 26 May 2024. More than 150 private and governmental tech companies exhibited technological products and innovations. Tech companies engaged... Read more »

 Tech companies promoting their products at STRIDE Ethiopia Expo

Alif Energy and Tewos Technologies companies, engaged in briquettes manufacturing from weed and in transport technology respectively are attending the STRIDE Ethiopia Expo 2024 at the Science Museum. ‘STRIDE Ethiopia’ Expo 2024... Read more »

 Promoting Endogenous knowledge in the Global South

Endogenous knowledge is an integration of indigenous and exogenous knowledge. It promotes a social construction based on the interaction of shared world views. The development of endogenous knowledge helps to use both... Read more »

Fostering innovation, research, technology and digitalization

(STRIDE Ethiopia 2024 Expo to kick-off tomorrow) Science, technology, and innovation sectors have become among the key focus areas of Ethiopia’s national reform. Thanks to the reform measures, the innovation and technology... Read more »

 Pushing Ethiopia towards advanced innovations, technological development

The innovation and technology sector is growing fast following the national reform in Ethiopia. Promoting and developing technological developments, innovations, and innovational research became among the key sectors of national reform. In... Read more »

 Desta the Robot is encouraging youths to participate in AI industry

During the opening ceremony of the Startup Ethiopia Exhibition, launched on 08 April 2024 at the Science Museum, an Amharic speaking Robot, named Desta, attended the event. During the event, a lot... Read more »