The deepening bond between authentic cultures

Ethiopia and Russia have enjoyed a longstanding and multifaceted relationship that dates back centuries. The cultural ties between these two nations have evolved and deepened over time, showcasing a rich tapestry of... Read more »

 “ Ethiopia’s diplomatic ties with neighboring nations are on the biases of lasting interests, ” – PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD)

Among the questions presented to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed when he was attending the 36th regular session of the House of Representatives were those which related to Ethiopia’s diplomatic stature particularly regarding... Read more »

Ethiopia’s successful diplomatic engagement at the BRICS forum

A few days ago Ethiopia took part in the BRICS political parties’ forum as well as in the foreign ministers meeting in Vladivostok, Russia. At the parties’ forum, Ethiopia was represented by... Read more »

Ethiopia: Ardent campaigner of climate diplomacy

Green diplomacy has taken center stage recently and it remains to be a top global priority as the impacts of climate change severely being felt across the planet. Albeit too late, the... Read more »

A deepening tie between the two aisles of the Red Sea

Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have been rapidly strengthening their economic and political alliance over the past year. These two nations, positioned on opposite sides of the Red Sea, have historically maintained a... Read more »

The enduring partnership between Ethiopia, South Sudan

South Sudan, the newest country in the world, is located in East Africa and is endowed with abundant natural resources, particularly petroleum. The path to South Sudan’s independence was paved by the... Read more »

 A summit of like-minded

Africa and South Korea are holding the first joint Summit in Seoul. The Summit aims at fostering better-structured bilateral cooperation and strengthening the partnership between the two sides. The Summit will be... Read more »

 Commemorating Africa Day

Truth must be told that the African people and the continent surely faced and overcame harder challenges due to the act of colonialism. They have lost their freedom and human and natural... Read more »

Ethiopia, Azerbaijan are building stronger bilateral ties

The importance of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed during Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh’s visit has been underlined by Ethiopia and Azerbaijan last week. According to the local media, the Memorandum... Read more »

A partnership through thick, thin

United States is one of the foremost countries to open its consular in Ethiopia. The two countries have a long history of diplomatic relations that dates back to the early days of... Read more »