Ethio-China strategic partnership producing fruits

Tested diplomatic endeavors are the key features that Ethiopia has been reflecting for decades. The country has established win-win diplomatic partnerships with every nation across the globe that craves for a mutual... Read more »

 Excelling Ethio Rwanda relations to maximize cooperation, benefits

Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, has gained global recognition for its outstanding cleanliness and urban development, leaving visitors in awe. This achievement becomes even more remarkable when considering the country’s painful... Read more »

Abbay Dam: Ethiopia’s diplomatic zenith

From the moment of its inception, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) or Abbay Dam has overcome a number of challenges and reached its 13 years of anniversary. The people and government... Read more »

Energy Diplomacy: Ethiopia’s new frontier in regional integration

In many frontiers, Ethiopia has continued to be the linchpin in its region and continent. The country has been spearheading efforts to expedite regional and continental integrations through sovereign and collective infrastructural... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines: Emblematic diplomat

Ethiopian Airlines, the national flag carrier of Ethiopia, has emerged as a vital force in the country’s economy and plays a significant role in the aviation sector throughout Africa and beyond. With... Read more »

Moving into cooperation of equals: EU’s big appetite to elevate ties with Africa

Africa is one of the continents with a prosperous future. In the past years, the rest of the world has wanted to create a strong bond with the youthful continent to build... Read more »

An enduring partnership

Ethiopia and Kenya enjoy longstanding and excellent bilateral relations. The official diplomatic relations of the two countries dates to 1954 when Ethiopia established its Honorary Consulate office in Kenya. Ethiopia appointed its... Read more »

Linguistic diplomacy: Towards multilingual world

Over the years, languages have emerged to be more than just a means of communication; they have also become recipes for seizing diplomatic opportunities. Countries like China have literarily and widely used... Read more »

A boon to continental grand vision

Continental integration is one of the priority areas that Africa has been pushing for as per Agenda 2063. The Future also identifies key Flagship Programmes that can boost Africa’s economic growth and... Read more »

 Celebrating Ethiopia’s diplomatic achievements

There has been in the past weeks in Addis the Diplomacy Week Exhibition shown at the Science Museum where Ethiopia’s diplomatic history has been revealed in detail. No wonder Ethiopia’s more than... Read more »