Ethiopia’s role in advancing regional cooperation through IGAD

 BY ADDISALEM MULAT  Ethiopia’s commitment to regional integration and its active involvement in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s (IGAD) initiatives have further cemented its role in the region. Through its membership, Ethiopia... Read more »

Assessing OAU/AU at sixty

 BY FITSUM GETACHEW  The OAU/AU is now sixty years old but how has it done during the past six decades? The AU may have acted as a place where all African leaders... Read more »

 Hopes, shades of the OAU/AU at 60

 BY FITSUM GETACHEW  Whenever people think of Africa, most probably, they first think of the vast continent with extreme heat. They imagine it as a land which is full of wild animal... Read more »

Support-productive,meddling –disruptive

BY SOLOMON WASSIHUN  Six months after the thrilling breaking news from Pretoria, Ethiopia has come a long way, from a country embroiled in a raging awar to one that is an example... Read more »

Ethiopia regaining its diplomatic clout in the Horn of Africa

 BY FITSUM GETACHEW Ethiopia’s influence in African politics has always been remarkable beginning from the struggle against colonialism days and later on. As a founding member of the OAU-AU and the United... Read more »

Pretoria deal: A huge milestone in restoring peace, reviving diplomacy

 BY ADDISALEM MULAT  The progress that Ethiopia has made towards implementing the Pretoria Peace Agreement is significant and praiseworthy. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work that needs... Read more »

No campaign tarnishes Ethiopia’s amicable ties with Sudan

BY ADDISALEM MULAT  Social media is a powerful tool that can disseminate information quickly and easily. However, it can also be a source of misinformation and rumors. Recently, social media reports have... Read more »

Coping up emerging threats via dynamic security alliance

 BY EYUEL KIFLU The East African region has been susceptible to old and emerging menaces. Given its strategic location, the volatile region has been a hotbed for different unlawful activities. Beset by... Read more »

The need to Share both the Bounty and Responsibility

In Guba wereda, a remote place less than 40 km from the Sudanese border, lies the most important development project that all Ethiopians have had their eyes on since 2011. Ashebir Tesfaye... Read more »

Ethiopia says keen to resume dam t alks with Egypt, Sudan

What you need to know: The talks between the trios were halted in April 2021 after the African Union (AU) failed to resolve the long-standing dispute over the massive multi-billion Ethiopia hydroelectric... Read more »