A partnership to cherish

Back in 1964, the world’s most exciting sporting event, known as the Olympics, was preparing to take place beneath the sky’s’ of Tokyo, Japan. The then-world-remarkable black Ethiopian athlete Shambel Abebe Bikila... Read more »

 Climate hazards aren’t restricted by borders – African countries have taken a big step to address this

Climate risks can be complex to deal with because they don’t respect country borders. Hazards in one region can have negative repercussions in another. These are known as transboundary climate risks, and... Read more »

The thriving partnership between Ethiopia, Gulf nations

Months ago, Ethiopia rolled on the yellow and green painted carpet adorned by Enkutatash or adey abeba a seasonal flower that blossoms in the September month of Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahemd,... Read more »

 Promoting knowledge exchange through public diplomacy

Ethiopia’s diplomatic relations with various countries have been growing stronger over time, encompassing multiple sectors. These ties have not only opened doors for economic and political collaborations but have also offered educational... Read more »

Historical ties rejuvenated by airline connection

The diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Algeria have a long and rich history. These two African nations, separated by a considerable distance, have established a bond that is rooted in shared values,... Read more »

 Ethio-China relations reach unprecedented heights

The relations between Ethiopia and China date back decades even in imperial times when the Emperor had a protracted visit to China and met with the then leader Mao Tse-Tung. It was... Read more »

Ethiopia’s multidimensional approaches to diplomacy

Ethiopia’s diplomatic principles revolve around multilateral cooperation and the prioritization of national interest. The country actively participates in global forums seeking collaborative solutions to global challenges. Its diplomatic approach is characterized by... Read more »

 BRICS- building fairness, Ethiopia’s image as regional power

For several years now, we have been watching the slow but sure shift of the equilibrium of global power from the West to the East. The economic giants of the East such... Read more »

 Unleashing tourism potential through collaborative regional efforts

Collaborations between different regions in the tourism industry not only lead to economic benefits but also facilitate diplomatic communication and relationship building. By sharing tourism potentials and identifying common goals and interests,... Read more »

 Ethiopia’s growing diplomatic leadership in Horn of Africa and beyond

Since the signing of the Pretoria peace agreement, Ethiopia has been making commendable efforts to restore its position in international diplomatic affairs. These efforts have borne fruit as Ethiopia’s foreign relations with... Read more »