Protecting environment requires more than annual celebration

BY EPHREM ANDARGCHEW  In 1992, the UN General Assembly voted to make June 5 as World Environment Day (WED) because people started experiencing the negative effects of climate change. Climate change and... Read more »

 Pressing response to withstand drought, El Niño effects

BY EPHREM ANDARGACHEW The Greater Horn of Africa has faced recurrent droughts. Every year, the drought-affected areas in East Africa have been demanding urgent government and concerned bodies’ support for humanitarian assistance... Read more »

 Reducing water pollution to curb ecological imbalance

BY FIKADU BELAY  Environmental deterioration is one of the biggest challenges the world is now facing. It is a phrase used to indicate the presence of harmful and undesirable chemicals in the... Read more »

 Universities endeavors for agricultural transformation

BY EPHREM ANDARGCHEW  Ethiopia is endowed with abundant arable land. Nevertheless, the country had been dependent on imported wheat for several decades, either through purchases or in the form of aid. There... Read more »

 Step beyond climate change mitigation

BY EPHREM ANDARGACHEW Ethiopia launched the Green Legacy Initiative, which was implemented from 2019 to 2022. The main aim of the initiative is to reduce the vulnerability of the country to desertification... Read more »

Collaborative efforts to improve clean water access

 BY MENGISTEAB TESHOME  True that water hygiene is a critical aspect of public health that involves the maintenance of safe and clean water sources, as well as the prevention of waterborne diseases.... Read more »

How Ethiopia can gain more benefits than harms from GMOs

BY FIKADU BELAY  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a topic of global concern, with proponents touting their potential benefits and critics questioning their safety and long-term effects on the environment and human... Read more »

LT-LEDS shows Ethiopia’scommitment to climate change adaptation

BY EPHREM ANDARGACHEW  The effect of climate change creates challenges for development at both the international and national level. Hence, states of the world prepare policies, regulatory frameworks, and planning guidelines to... Read more »

 Preparations to prevent the possible disaster of flood that follows summer rain

BY FIKADU BELAY  Many parts of the country are currently experiencing varying level of rainfall. For a country whose agrarian and pastoral areas were suffering continuous drought, the rainfall maybe welcome. Yet... Read more »

Financial support for Yelemat Tirufat food security initiative

 BY EPHREM ANDARAGCHEW  Ethiopia is the least developed country that faces recurrent drought which causes food insecurity across the country. Hence, the country launched the national nutrition scheme called “Ye Lemat Tirufat”... Read more »