Transforming African food systems from the ground up

All news is local, they say. The same is true of innovations—those many new technologies, policies, and practices that steadily stream from research to enhance our lives. It is in specific regions,... Read more »

 Reclaiming the narrative in African philanthropy: A community-based organization’s perspective

In recent years, the African philanthropy landscape has been undergoing a profound transformation. Or has it? Historically, the narrative of aid and development in Africa has been dominated by external donors and... Read more »

 South-South cooperation key to a new multilateralism

“There are new challenges to all states: among them, the real threat to multilateralism… South-South and triangular cooperation can contribute to a new multilateralism and drive the revitalization of the global partnership... Read more »

 LDCs need concessional grants, not loans, say experts

Olaide Bankole was born and raised in Nigeria, and he observed how climate change was evident in the country with temperature rises and rainfall variability and how drought, desertification, and sea level... Read more »

 WHO Africa advances African science by promoting Peer-reviewed research

The World Health Organization’s African regional office and partners published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals in 2023 as part of efforts to address the imbalance in global research and ensure... Read more »

 Making national dialogue a success

National dialogue and reconciliation are amongst the important leaps to take if one considers a holistic and national consensus for a given country. It indeed helps a nation and its people to... Read more »

Pretoria accord files positive progress amidst challenges

The brutal and devastating two-year war between the federal government of Ethiopia and the Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) has concluded with the signing of an AU-brokered peace deal in Pretoria, South Africa.... Read more »

Peace journalism: Right prescription to Ethiopia’s current situation

In modern democracies, the media holds a revered position as the “fourth estate,” signifying its pivotal role as a check on the three traditional branches of government: the legislative, executive, and judiciary.... Read more »

Proven control interventions needed to stem infectious diseases in Africa

Experts recommend that the current prevention of malaria in highly endemic countries in Africa should integrate “locally appropriate” control measures to cope with the highest burden of mosquito-borne disease on the continent.... Read more »

Celebrating Adwa, Africa’s pride

In Ethiopia few people do not know or have never heard of the name Adwa. For some it may represent only a locality in the north of the country, but for most... Read more »