Ethiopia’s National Dialogue unrivaled in involving all sections of society – Ambassador Mohamed Dirir

There had not been a national consensus or common understanding among Ethiopian intellectuals, especially on national issues. The mistrust and skepticism between them were a challenge to democratic transition. Many have been... Read more »

 People must unite and concentrate their energy on peace and prosperity, -ITO Takako

After serving as Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia for the last three years, Ito Takako has wound up her assignment here and is ready to leave Ethiopia and resume her career in Chile.... Read more »

 I am optimistic about the industrialization agenda in Africa -Stephen Karingi (PhD)

As the second largest continent in the world both in terms of population and geographical area Africa is a rapidly growing continent that attracts attention of the world. It is endowed with... Read more »

The agenda at AfricaNenda is to enable inclusive instant payment systems in all African countries by 2030, -Sabine Mensah

With a population of more than 1 billion people, Africa has one of the largest number of mobile phone subscribers in the world. The large number of mobile phone users and the... Read more »

Red sea a source of cooperation than confrontation

– Assistance Professor Ahmed Zekaria Today, Ethiopia is one of many countries that have no ports. So many years have elapsed since the country has lived without a port. When Eritrea was... Read more »

The community’s strong attachment to nature has contributed to the preservation of natural resources

Selamawit Kassa The world community has now identified investment as one of the key priorities for tourism’s recovery and future growth and development. For this year’s World Tourism Day, UNWTO highlights the... Read more »

 Africa is considering EVs as technology that will help it leapfrog to zero emissions

Gerhard Muller Cities in developing countries are plagued with multiple problems such as congestion, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and road accident. Air pollution, has been a preoccupation of policymakers and researchers... Read more »

 South West Ethiopia is evergreen due to the commitment of the people for environmental protection  – Fantahun Blatie

Today’s guest, Fantahun Blatie, is Culture, Tourism, and Sport Bureau Head for the South West Ethiopia State. The Ethiopia Herald made a brief stay with him to learn about Gebeta Lehager (Dine... Read more »

What will Ethiopia’s first security exchange bring to the economy?

–ESX Project Leader Tilahun Kassahun explains Following the establishment of the Ethiopian Capital Market Authority, the Ethiopian Security Exchange (ESX) has taken one of the first steps to be officially established during... Read more »

 Chronic back pain is not getting attention it deserves!-Scientist Said Osman (MD)

Today’s guest, Dr. Said Osman is an orthopedic spine surgeon. Though his families came from southern part of Ethiopia, he was born in border town called Moyale. By then, his father had... Read more »