Enhancing export through expanding agricultural products

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant agricultural resources and has diverse ecological zones. Agriculture is the mainstay of the Ethiopian economy, accounting for around 35% of the country’s GDP and employing over 70%... Read more »

Endeavoring towards recording economic growth

It is well recognized that economic growth is a phenomenon of market productivity and increase in GDP, whereas economic development is regarded as a policy intervention aiming at improving the well-being of... Read more »

Over one billion birr obtained from import substitution

Ethiopia aspires to join the middle income countries by 2030 and the government is devoting its time, finance and human resource for attaining structural change. Currently, agriculture plays a dominant role in... Read more »

AfCFTA’s transformative influence on poverty reduction, continental growth

It goes without saying that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) plays a great role in transforming the African economies towards greater utilization of technology, knowledge that assist the progress of... Read more »

How can industrialization contribute to economic progress?

Industrialization, which the industrial modification has placed at the heart of structural changes, has systematically raised the levels of production and employment, which has led to fresh income growth. Cognizant of the... Read more »

Aspiration for WTO membership: A realistic venture

Ethiopia is one of the rapidly growing countries in the world registering double digit economy for the last decade and a half. It has abundant natural resources with more than 120 million... Read more »

Endeavoring for bolstering energy sector in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is endowed with huge hydropower potential cascaded from its many rivers. Being a landlocked country with no known fossil fuel resources signifies the importance of water resources, indeed! Despite some recent... Read more »

Attaching due emphasis to coffee export

Ethiopia, which is regarded as the origin of Arabica coffee, is one of Africa’s largest producers and exporters of this commodity. Coffee production is dubbed as the backbone of the country’s agriculture-led... Read more »

Agglomerating university potentials for economic advancement

It is well recognized that universities’ teaching outcomes are significantly useful in improving economic performance as they could provide the nation with talented, knowledgeable, and expertise personnel. Since innovation and economic development... Read more »

Sources of revenue, its proper utilization for nation’s development

Developing countries rely on a number of sources of revenues for financing various economic activities. Similarly, Ethiopia’s economic activities depend on a variety of sources of revenue, including traditional and modern ones.... Read more »