Modern agricultural technology for the producers, consumers

The Agricultural Transformation Institute is one of the institutes established to modernize the agricultural sector. It is an institution that works by identifying long-standing and major bottleneck problems in the agricultural sector... Read more »

 Multifaceted benefits of minerals development

Amhara region is one of the regions rich in natural resources. Among these natural resources, mineral wealth that includes gold, opal (precious minerals), coal, gypsum, and limestone can be mentioned. The mineral... Read more »

 Lemi National Cement: A proven showcase to project completion

Ethiopia is striving to tackle its economic crunches through designing multiple escape routes by transforming the economy from agrarian to industry- led. Expanding the nation’s capacity in manufacturing high industrial products with... Read more »

 Economic growth, peace: Highly attached entities

Unarguably, peace is life. All people across the globe have been feeling the taste of peace and are heard of saying that it is the backbone of all sorts of activities since... Read more »

 Roadmap to increase agricultural production, productivity of Gambella region

Gambella region has fertile soil, sufficient rainfall, underground and surface water resources that can be used for agricultural development. It is believed that effective work can be done by expanding agriculture by... Read more »

 The Ethiopian Airlines: A big- dream chaser, flag carrier

Being a flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines has always been on the right track in terms of delivering aviation services and acquainting Ethiopia around the world. The Airlines has also been proud of... Read more »

 Game-changing milestone: Avocado export within green legacy initiatives

Avocado’s origin can be traced to Mexico, where this fruit has been cultivated and consumed as early as 5000 B.C. Historically Mexico has also been the main player in the avocado export... Read more »

 The Expo intended to promote mineral resources, expand investment options

Ethiopia is blessed with mineral wealth. It has potential mineral resources like gold, marble, coal, and precious stones like opal, tantalum, gypsum, limestone, and natural gas. These are few resources identified among... Read more »

 Invigorating the manufacturing industry’s role for sustainable development

Though Ethiopia is still categorized as an agrarian economy and the sector holds nearly 80 percent of the labor force; it is the major foreign currency earner; supplier of raw materials to... Read more »

 Role of Industrial Parks for the economic structural transformation

The development of Industrial Parks is one of the activities that have been given attention to realize Ethiopia’s structural economic transformation. The industrial parks also have the main fundamental missions of attracting... Read more »