Invaluable ingredient to snowball agricultural production

BY MENGESHA AMARE  Agricultural production has all the time required fertile soil, good weather condition and other factors suitability apart from determined and far-sighted farming community. It also needs to have some... Read more »

 Financing agriculture to enhance production and productivity

 BY LAKACHEW ATINAFU As an agrarian nation and many are employed and depend upon it, time demands to transform the agriculture sector and thereby achieve self-sufficiency in Ethiopia, which has potentials in... Read more »

 Sticking on the water resources to boost agriculture

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS  Ethiopia is an agrarian country and 80% of the population lively hood is relied on the sector. The sector is rain fed and subsistence. Due to the low yield... Read more »

 Equipping nations for further competency

BY LAKACHEW ATINAFU The comprehensive evolution of the Ethiopian economy and reforms in­cepted few years before has been tempted and passed through challenges due to nationwide turmoil and some western powers that... Read more »

Viable steps for economic transformation

BY MENGESHA AMARE  Needless to state, economic growth is closely linked with production and production increase, resource use as well as enhancement of social wellbeing. The ongoing green legacy initiative, homegrown economic... Read more »

Lapsset project : a showcase for African regional integration, bringing nations together

BY DANIEL ALEMAYEHU  Africa has been striving to build its own economic empire through creating regional integration. Under the big African Union umbrella, member states have crafted their own objectives to foster... Read more »

Searching way outs for construction inputs price hike

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS The construction sector is vital for nation economic growth yet it is critically affected by the increasing of construction inputs. Obviously, it plays pivotal role in the economy by... Read more »

 Digital advancement for economic progress

 BY MENGESHA AMARE  The advent of innovation and digitalization is marked by the explosive penetration of information technologies in all aspects of life and by a related fundamental transformation in every form... Read more »

 Holistic objective to bring tangible changes:how sectors act in unison

BY DANIEL ALEMAYEHU In the process of transforming the economy from agriculture to industry-led, Ethiopia has been in a continuous process of meeting its objectives by applying various mechanisms. It is the... Read more »

Why Ethiopia should tackle the looming capital flight on time

 BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS  Capital flight is a threatening phenomenon which affects the economy critically. It has a negative impact on economic growth and welfare, macroeconomic stability, and income distribution. Despite the huge... Read more »