Conserving, registering heritages for socio-economic dev’t

Ethiopia has joined UNESCO since 1955. The nation had registered its first world heritages with the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela as a cultural heritage and Simien National Park as a natural heritage... Read more »

 ‘Toki Bea’:New Year festival of the Dawuro people

Ethiopia is one of the diverse nations where various cultural and religious activities are entertained widely. Especially, when the three months rainy season concludes and the new sunny bright season approaches, various... Read more »

 Ethiopia: The only country with 13 months

Ethiopia is the only country that marks its New Year Enkutatash in the month of September annually. The country celebrates its New Year with splendid scenarios supported with its diverse natural endowments.... Read more »

The shining Ethiopian athletes’ victory!

According to the final medal table, the Ethiopian athletics team finished the championship ranked 6th at global level and 2nd from Africa following Kenya at the recent World Athletics Championships, Budapest Hungary... Read more »

Season of young girls’ festival

Ashenda, Shadey, Ashendiye, Solel is one of the festivals celebrated in the northern part of Ethiopia, in Amhara and Tigray states. The name of the festival, as documents indicate, comes from the... Read more »

Ethiopian:Sustainable engine to country’s tourism dev’t

 Numerous international travelers are witnessing the growing impact of the Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) in the aviation industry. Over the past consecutive years, Ethiopian has continued to be one of the top leading... Read more »

Major tourism sector achievements over the year

Ethiopia has accomplished a remarkable achievement in the 2022/23 budget year regarding developing the tourism sector. Various new tourist destinations have been developed and inaugurated during the budget year. The Halala Kela... Read more »

Promoting national parks conservation, attracting tourists

Currently, Ethiopia has more than 20 national parks that embrace diversified wildlife and plat species. Most of the national parks solely inhibited the Ethiopian endemic animals such as the Walia Ibex, Red... Read more »

Gullele Botanical Garden: Key for flora, fauna conservation, eco-tourism

Yihew Biru is a Wild Animal Researcher. He has been teaching and researching enthusiastically about wild animals for more than ten years. He aspires to see Ethiopia’s wildlife resource effective rehabilitation. He... Read more »

How Addis attracts int’l tourists

Addis Ababa, being the third largest diplomatic hub next to New York and Geneva, has now gained momentum through attracting the attention of international tourists. Numerous tourists’ witness that the city is... Read more »