Ethiopian: 78 years of service excellence!

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Improving touristic services, enhancing Hotel ratings

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Abbay Hydro Dam: Landmark destination to promote tourism

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 Ethiopian role to boost country’s tourism

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Ethiopian cultural Coffee ceremony

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Explore Harla Archeological Site

  Located in Dire Dawa City Administration, the Harla Archaeological Site is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by tourists seeking an enriching cultural experience. With its fascinating history and unique... Read more »

Commemorating Adwa patriots, lessons to the new generation

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Adwa Victory Memorial: A must-visit destination in Addis

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 Adwa Victory Memorial: Portrayal of shining Victory, bedrock for boosting tourism

The Battle of Adwa was a pivotal event in Ethiopian history, marking the resistance of Ethiopians against the Fascist Italy’s attempt to colonize the country. In 1896, the great Ethiopian Emperor Menelik... Read more »

Gorgora Resort – There is Nothing Like it in All Africa

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