Is ‘PCs on the Tables’ the New Normal!

 I’ve said it and will say it again. Though I know technology is catching up on us in almost every sector of life I’m not yet fully into saying “Yes, that’s it.”... Read more »

 ‘Busy in a Hurry’

A couple of times we talked about the difficulty of walking in the streets with so much bumping of shoulders or someone practically crashing their entire frame into you. “What’s wrong with... Read more »

Get Rich Quick! Is it that easy?

Well, sorry but I can’t tell you it’s that easy or not until I come across someone with the experience. But we have no shortage of stories about the ‘lucky lot’ who... Read more »

 Of the ‘Real Bosses’ and the ‘Performers!’

Why are bosses in the positions they hold? “The most nonsense questions any one claiming to possess complete upstairs machinery can ask!” you might say. But then whenever expiations and reality fail... Read more »

 ‘Sharpshooting Blanks!’

 Tuesday will be the start of the New Year. I’d like to have three guests for interview. How about that? Me the interviewer! In case you still aren’t convinced we are in... Read more »

 Another year in our lives…

 We’re ushering yet another New Year. Of course in the times we are in not only nationally but globally the smiles might not be as wide and as shining as New Year... Read more »

Vows made, Vows Broken!

 One factor which used to make the run up to the New Year more interesting was the “I’ll stop…” rhetoric that pushes out almost every other agenda. In a way most of... Read more »

 ‘Done Deals’ don’t Work for everything!

 Time to Take the bull by the horns! Especially the rather ‘turbulent’ holiday shopping days having already started it’s indeed time to take the bull by the horns and see reality in... Read more »

 The Deeper They Dig, the Crueler it Gets!

 Summer classes were supposed to be you know places where the kids would spend their days safely. It is one way of parents making sure that their children don’t fall with the... Read more »

 Talking Sense to a Heavy Drinker!

 I must have told you about a guy who used to drink on Sundays an entire case of beer sitting at the same place for hours in a sort of small potatoes... Read more »