Agenda setting crucial step towards resolving longstanding challenges

There is no denying the fact that national dialogue plays a huge role in taking the country to the next level of accomplishment at the earliest possible moment. It is certain that... Read more »

 A defining moment in National Dialogue

It is now more than two years since the National Dialogue Commission has been established with its guidelines and rules so that it operates within a certain legal framework. It is accountable... Read more »

 What youth representatives gain from participating in national dialogue

Ethiopia is a country of the youth. Close to 70% of the population constitute the youth which is a decisive force in the socio-economic and political developments in the country. Undoubtedly, today,... Read more »

National Dialogue: An opportunity to political transiton, lasting peace

Conducting a nation dialogue to resolve conflicts and arranging payments in lieu of compensation has been part of the Ethiopian culture for ages and engaging in modern dialogue to resolve basic national... Read more »

 National Dialogue: The dawn of new beginning

Ethiopia is on the verge of embarking on the actual task of the long awaited national dialogue and reconciliation that the nation seeks more than ever. The government along with other stakeholders... Read more »

Important milestone in the National Dialogue

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) officially launched the agenda items gathering consultative meetings at the First Chapter of the dialogue here in Addis Ababa yesterday. While the meetings have taken place... Read more »

 Representing every voices in National Dialogue

As many countries, Ethiopia has experienced periods of social, political and ethnic tensions that have threatened its social fabric. One of the reasons that get the country in to turmoil is extremism... Read more »

 National Dialogue paves the way for National consensus

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 National Dialogue: A chance waited for years, not to be lost

The long-awaited national dialogue and reconciliation under the authority of the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission is about to be implemented throughout the nation. The commission and every responsible actor or entity, including... Read more »

National Dialogue: Viable remedy to heal long-heaped grudge, enmity

It is quite recognized that Ethiopia has been baffled by the calculatingly or unknowingly orchestrated cunning approaches and distorted narrations, elements who wished to rule the nation creating sustainable skirmish among citizens,... Read more »