Ethiopia and Kazakhstan strengthening their friendship relations and trusted partnership

On December 16, Kazakhstan will celebrate its 32 years of Independency. Kazakhstan is a young country, but the statehood of Kazakh nation goes back to 15th century when we established Kazakh khanate... Read more »

 Diplomacy at play!

Ethiopia was going through unwarranted pressure in the last few years that was punctuated by diplomatic rows with some entities or nations in the Western hemisphere of the globe. Some countries or... Read more »

 The National Dialogue Commission must be supported by all

The National Dialogue Commission has been formed to try and bring Ethiopians to a kind of consensus airing all their views on what sort of country they envisage for the future. If... Read more »

 Unveiling the potential of Ethio-Saudi relations

The history of relations between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia goes back to the time before the advent of Islam. Long before the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sent out his first... Read more »

 Regulated content to tackle hate speech, misinformation

The swift and unchecked expansion of misinformation and fake news in the digital age warrants urgent attention and action. With the click of a button, false narratives and malicious content can be... Read more »

 A united front against terrorism

Terrorism poses a grave threat to global security and stability. Its impact reverberates far beyond individual nations affecting regional and international peace. It is for this reason that many argue fighting terrorism... Read more »

 Addressing refugee crisis in the Horn

IGAD, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development can lead efforts to address the refugee crisis in the Horn of Africa. It is essential for IGAD to receive worldwide support to cope up with... Read more »

 Promoting democratic values to create lasting peace, harmony

Fostering democratic values plays a crucial role in achieving lasting peace and redressing conflicts for the whole continent. It is tantamount to planting the seeds of freedom and fairness, which will eventually... Read more »

 Unlocking Horn countries’ potential  through regional diplomacy

The Horn of Africa is a region that holds great importance in terms of its geopolitical and strategic position. However, the lack of peace and constant instability is having a detrimental effect... Read more »

 Crucial points in the premier’s responses to MPs’ queries

On the occasion of the endorsement of the president’s inaugural address to the joint session of parliament several questions were presented by MPs to Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed. The questions the MPs... Read more »