Ethiopia’s leap towards African power interconnectivity

Africa’s rosy prospects are mainly hinged on its capacity to generate adequate energy that propels the continent’s development aspirations. Africa’s reach water resource, be it underground or surface ones, make the continent... Read more »

Ethiopia- EU: 40+ years of cemented partnership, overcoming challenges

The relations between Ethiopia and the European Union (EU) are founded on the Cotonou Agreement, which aims to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty, and contribute to the gradual integration of the African,... Read more »

Fruits of reformist leadership

It is well known that Ethiopia has made itself clear throughout its long history in relation to diplomatic arena and preserving its national interest no matter what the issue could be. The... Read more »

 Ethiopia’s unwavering stand for regional integration amidst Sudan conflict

The internal conflict in Sudan between two military generals has now been ongoing for approximately a year, with no fruitful discussions or agreements reached. Consequently, the influx of Sudanese fleeing from their... Read more »

Addis Ababa: A city renovated to international metropolis

For years, Addis Ababa has been criticized for not being up to standard of its name and fame not only as the capital city of Ethiopia but also as Africa’s. It is... Read more »

Commission walks towards its objectives

Conflicts, hate speeches, extremist thoughts, and many other negative actions have been the key reasons for many nations to be dismantled and disturbed their economic, political, and social progress. Such actions truly... Read more »

Abbay Dam: Near to completion to illuminate Africa

Ethiopia, the country with the fastest growing economy in Africa, is on the verge of completing its mega electric power generator project, which is set to revolutionize energy production in the region.... Read more »

Creating opportunities for refugees

The right to move from place to place is one of the many human rights that a person enjoys. On many occasions, people exercise their right by moving from place to place.... Read more »

 Abbay Dam completion: Ethiopia’s diplomatic victory

The construction of the Abbay Dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, GERD), is now practically fait accompli, a complete reality after so much resistance, perplexity, and opposition from various corners, which presumably do... Read more »

Addis on the way to renovation

Anyone who comes to Addis today could be completely taken aback by the magnitude of redevelopment of the city that is going on in various quarters especially around the central areas. Looking... Read more »