Ethiopia’s commitment to peace, Somalia’s prevarications

One of President Hassan Sheikh’s harshest critics is his Somaliland counterpart Muse Bihi, who has accused him of dishonesty – no surprise. However, the main issue raised by many of the Somali... Read more »

A staunch partner in the rainy days

Last week, the heads of government of the two East African states, Ethiopia and Sudan, met to discuss Sudan’s peace resolution and other issues. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was the first head... Read more »

Championing regional integration through AfCFTA

Achieving regional integration is a key to meet the growing demand development. In the Horn of Africa where infrastructure is scarce, fostering integration is the magic bullet to spur growth in the... Read more »

The tenacity of Ethiopian media to shield national interest

In a world where everything is dynamic and hard to predict what will happen next, people get their valuable information from their trusted media houses. People’s perspectives and their desire to identify... Read more »

 A ray of hope in a flashpoint of hostilities

For a long time and arguably, the Horn of Africa has been considered to be the microcosm of all problems, a flashpoint for never-ending hostilities and human suffering, and a major security... Read more »

Ethiopia is well aware of the glaring impacts of conflicts

A few days ago millions of Ethiopians ran for peace under the slogan ‘Peace for All and All for Peace’. They reasserted the importance of peace everywhere not only in our country... Read more »

Deepening the Africa-US security partnership

As the world continues to evolve, the relationship between Africa and the United States has become an increasingly important focus on the global stage. In recent years, a concerted effort has been... Read more »

Ethiopian: A winged diplomat

For strings of years, Ethiopian Airlines has been selected as the best airliner in Africa. With its growing connectivity, the flag bearer has also been a diplomat in action helping the country’s... Read more »

Fostering bilateral trust through joint border management

Nations in the Horn of Africa have been trying to ensure the integrity and coexistence among themselves in economic, political and societal issues. As the region is very volatile and hard to... Read more »

 Working for a global cause

The beginning of the new tree planting season as part of the Green Legacy Initiative that was first initiated in June 2019 by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed started a few days ago... Read more »