Reaching out to the rights’ bearer

 BY MENGESHA AMARE Devising lasting solutions for inconsistencies, disagreements, and rivalries via digging out their root causes among the society helps Ethiopia reap lasting remedies for wounds, enmities, and slanting outlooks against... Read more »

Experiencing China’s foreign policy, China-Africa relations at zero distance

BY BALEW DEMISSIE (PhD) I recently visited China to attend a seminar on Chinese Modernization and African Development in Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Normal University. I also had the opportunity to... Read more »

 Who is responsible?

BY MENGESHA AMARE “It is you who have really made a mistake, Sir.” “In what way could I be erroneous, what wrong deed I did? Did I make a mistake? Would you... Read more »

 The current internal war in Sudan is creating an earthly purgatory for its people

BY SOLOMON DIBABA The Sudanese diplomatic sources have recently reported that, the delegation from the Sudanese armed forces have withdrawn from the peace talks that was going on in Jeddah, KSA. It... Read more »

 Artificial Intelligence for Ethiopia’s socio-economic development

BY SOLOMON DIBABA A young man or a girl sipping coffee or tea in cafes across the cities and rural towns in Ethiopia, a women talking to her house maid to ensure... Read more »

 High Time to pronounce transparency, accountability for change

BY MENGISTEAB TESHOME It is clear that strengthening transparency and accountability in Ethiopia’s economic and political ecosystem can help the nation address a number of challenges, like poverty, corruption, political instability, and... Read more »

What makes a nation globally influential ?

BY MENGESHA AMARE Some are heard of saying that a country with well-organized and qualified military can seize the ladder to be global power, but the question is does military power, which... Read more »

 Dedicating for adaptation program

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS Global warming and climate change have been the pressing issues which affect various sectors all over the world. Mitigating the problem depends on the country’s economic, technological, research and... Read more »

Why did AU crawl to reach the scoreboard?

 BY EPHREM ANDARGCHEW In order to aid African liberation movements and mediate border disputes and civil wars, the Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded in 1963. Additionally, it seeks to strengthen... Read more »

Expanding Ethiopia’s economic diversity by establishing industrial parks

 BY ADDISALEM MULAT Over the past few years, Ethiopia has achieved significant progress in enhancing its economy by building large industrial parks. These industrial parks have played a crucial role in drawing... Read more »