Further strengthening multilateralism

The third session of Ethiopia’s BRICS+ Senior Officials’ Technical Committee meeting took place last Thursday, 11 April 2024 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to information obtained from the Ministry of... Read more »

A deserved member  to empower women

Possible solutions are now continentally and globally framed as lack of access to education and employment, gender-based violence, poverty and the likes have severely been baffling women in developing countries in particular... Read more »

 Dialogue is the best way out

“United we stand and divided we fall,”goes the adage. The saying rams home if a nation likeEthiopia, as ever before, upholds chemistry underpinned by timeless serenity, it could spearhead its development and... Read more »

Capitalizing on startups for sustainable dev’t

For nations like Ethiopia, with high population most of which are employment seeker youths, capitalizing on startups is essential. Ethiopia’s commitment to become hub of global startups, in this regard, is a... Read more »

Diaspora’s excelled patriotism

The Ethiopian diaspora community’s unflinching advocacy, financial assistance, and other backings thrown behind the Abbay hydro-power dam have remained intact for over a decade. Over the last 13 years, the community has... Read more »

The celebration is clearest indication of historic tolerance

Muslims across the nation have peacefully celebrated the 1445th Eid Al Fitr, which is the end of the annual fasting season during the holy month Ramadan. While Muslims spent the holy month... Read more »

Ethiopia’s religious coexistence: Exemplary model for global society

Ethiopia is a nation known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and religious pluralism. For centuries, it has been a melting pot of faiths, where followers of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and indigenous... Read more »

Towards cementing Ethio-Rwanda bilateral relations

It is well recognized that nations with bilateral, trilateral or multilateral ties can open a number of avenues for exchanging social, economic, political and diplomatic concerns mainly to come up with gains... Read more »

National Reform has continued bearing praiseworthy fruits

Recently, tens of thousands of residents of various cities in different regions including Addis Ababa have reaffirmed their support for the successful completion of the Abbay Dam. The 13th year laying of... Read more »

 Dialogue: The magic bullet

In contemporary Ethiopia, there are deep divisions and differences of opinion among political elites, opinion leaders, and some segments of society along the lines of major national issues. In view of this,... Read more »