Ethiopia continues setting the pace for a greener world

Ethiopia has been a champion of green initiatives spearheading efforts to combat climate change. For strings of years, the country has been engaged in massive tree planting campaigns while setting the tone... Read more »

 Ethiopia, Brazil ties: Historic relations

  The majority of world nations have now come up with a range of social, economic and political acquaintances cognizant of the fact that it is high time for building resilient bilateral and/or... Read more »

 Paving ways for, optimizing returns from FDI

 It is a foregone conclusion that bringing into being a fertile ground for Foreign Direct Invest (FDI) spearheads nation’s take off in all spheres of endeavor. Hence, inviting FDI pays in more... Read more »

 Pausing aid hurts target beneficiaries

Recently, National Disaster Risk Management Commission of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has condemned misuse of aids. In the strongest possible terms, it states, “Allegations or diversion must be investigated. The... Read more »

 Exemplary ties

The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation between Ethiopia and China is gathering further momentum time and time again. The five-day (May 23-28, 2023) official visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of... Read more »

 African solution is attainable!

As Africa strives to achieve economic prosperity and ensure political stability, the frequent conflicts that outburst in various areas of the continent remain challenges that impede the progress of the continent to... Read more »

Green Legacy Initiative to create a better future

Ethiopia set a target to plant 6.5 billion seedlings in the forthcoming Ethiopian rainy season as part of its Green Legacy Initiative launched in 2019. Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative was launched by... Read more »

African concerns should never be de-Africanized!

 Seeking African solution whenever member countries come across serious concerns is a well-planned avenue as there should not be any potion than looking into own wisdom. However, few Egyptian politicians and scholars... Read more »

Comprehensive cooperation key to strengthen historic relations

Last Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen embarked on a four-day official visit to China. Senior Chinese Government officials warmly welcomed the Ethiopian Delegation at Beijing International Airport. The... Read more »

Africa’s voice must find an echo in global forum

 To actualize a united and affluent Africa, implementing the agenda 2063 to the letter must come atop the catalog of action plans was what was reiterated when the 60th anniversary of the... Read more »