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Advancement in infrastructure contributes significantly to the economic development of a given country; and the economic development of a certain country can indicate how well that country has worked in infrastructure expansion... Read more »

 Expanding cancer treatment centers; to improving access to detect, treat, prevent cancers

Since recent decades, cancer is becoming more common and one of the public health burdens in Ethiopia. According to various studies conducted on cancer, the country’s annual cancer incidence is increasing rapidly... Read more »

 Empowering GBV survivors through continuous support

In a significant stride towards empowering survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Union of Ethiopian Women and Children Associations (UEWCA), supported by the African Women Organization (AWO), have successfully implemented a series of... Read more »

 Women’s involvement in peace process to bring lasting solution

Women constitute around 52 percent of the population of the Horn of Africa which justifies their meaningful inclusion in all peace processes. Although there is evidence that they are involved and have... Read more »

Ensuring national unity via peaceful dialogue

Ethiopia is one of the most diverse countries in Africa where a multitude of ethnic groups each have their own distinct history, culture, custom, religion, language and way of life coexisting together.... Read more »

 Principle of detonating patriarchy and African women political leaders’ experiences

These days African scholars and critics are recommending contextual notions and approaches for the continent in order to preeminently understand and solve its own issues. The Nigerian Law Professor logically explained why... Read more »

Expanding overseas job opportunities, reducing unemployment

Globalization is impacting global countries positively and negatively and becoming real in a number of ways including in the economic, social as well as political spheres of the global community. For instance,... Read more »

Safeguarding generations from health troubles!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), although tobacco use is a major public health problem, tobacco products are one of the few openly available commercial products that are virtually unregulated in... Read more »

University autonomy to shape tomorrow

Educational quality of a given country has a direct impact on the social and economic structure of any country. The more the nation invests in educational infrastructure the more it can produce... Read more »

What lesson Ethiopia can draw from Rwanda’s parliamentary system?

The recalling point that is stuck in one’s mind when the name Rwanda uttered is the historical massive massacre of the 1994 civil war. As certain resources revealed, the cause of the... Read more »