Marking Mawlid with acts of kindness, forgiveness

As a land where people with different cultural and religious backgrounds live in harmony, Ethiopian Muslims have a unique way of marking Mawlid with their Christian or non-Christian neighbors by sharing meals... Read more »

Women and Giffaata- New Year festival of Wolaita

In every society, be it in developing or developed countries, the contribution of women during holidays is multifarious. Even though their involvement and the part they play differ from country to country... Read more »

 Colorful festivals to boost tourism earnings

Street festivals have the potential to draw tourists because they create a unique opportunity for visitors to experience a certain country’s rich cultural and religious values, enjoy their traditional music and dances,... Read more »

 Concerted hands to beat HIV/AIDS

Since the virus was first identified in the 1980s, HIV remains a major public health threat and claimed the lives of millions of people round the globe. Despite the global efforts exerted... Read more »

 Peace needs action

Every year, September 21, the global community observes the International Day of Peace with the aim to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and peoples and... Read more »

 Headway to autonomy of universities to ensure quality education

As the access to education is growing, the quest for quality education is equally becoming an issue that everyone raises. Currently, the number of youths graduating from universities is increasing year after... Read more »

 Congratulations to Nature lovers!!

Ethiopia is not only a land of multitudes where several people with different cultural values live in harmony. It is also a land blessed with abundant awe-inspiring historical, cultural, and natural endowments... Read more »

 Undefeated spirit

When we hear about the Monastery of Dima Giorgis, the first thing that comes to the mind of most Ethiopians is the famous Amharic novel that was authored by the renowned writer,... Read more »

 Equipping schools with inputs to improve learning outcomes

Excelling in education can be attributed to many factors aside from a student’s personal effort, commitment, perseverance and other circumstances. Equally important, enticing teaching and learning environments, the quality of learning has... Read more »

 Fostering partnership to ensure quality health service delivery

According to market experts, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are an effective approach that could facilitate opportunities to increase access to quality services, improve efficiency and help to ensure public satisfaction as well as... Read more »