Timely attention for the agriculture!

 Agriculture is an engine and backbone of the Ethiopian economy. Over 80 percent of the country’s population lives in the rural parts of the country mainly dependent on agriculture for its income.... Read more »

 Words of African leaders 60 year ago and now!

The Organization of African Unity (OAU), the predecessor of African Union (AU) was established on 25th of May 1963, 60 years ago. OAU was established by the then free and liberated 32... Read more »

Research-based recommendation on Constitutional amendment!

The Ethiopian Policy Studies Institute (PSI) this week organized a validation workshop to discuss with stakeholders about preliminary findings of its research about the opinion of the public about constitutional amendment. The... Read more »

Ethiopia’s commitment to boosting its local manufacturing industry

Ethiopia is now recognized as a competitive player in the global market, attracting more foreign investment and boosting economic growth . The future looks promising for products that are “made in Ethiopia,... Read more »

 “Enough with war, let us sustain peace!”

Ethiopian deserves sustainable peace. We have more than enough history of war, the vicious cycle of war should come to an end and must ensure sustainable peace and prosperity. We lost a... Read more »

Fichee Chambalaalla, Sidama’s New Year celebrated

 BY DARGIE KAHSAY  The people of Sidama Nation celebrated Fichee Chambalaalla, Sidama New Year. Fichee Chambalaalla was registered at UNESCO as an intangible world heritage in 2015. People of the nation and... Read more »

12-Years Journey of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

BY NAOL GIRMA The Ethiopian Herald in its 12 years report and analysis explained Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s capacity to generate significant electricity not only for Ethiopia but for the broader East... Read more »

The Ethiopian Herald and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Retrospective perspective

BY NAOL GIRMA T he Ethiopian Herald published numerous reports and articles about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during the past 12th years. This writing highlights major works of the paper about... Read more »

Ensuring sustainable peace, development parliament’s top point of discussion

Peace presupposes tireless efforts and strong commitment. Peace prevails if preceded by exertions towards it. To achieve positive and sustainable peace, the presence of heroes and heroines is a must. Especially, to... Read more »

 Ramadan : A season of mercy and forgiveness

Ramadan is one of the 12 months of the Islamic calendar and the month in which fasting is made obligatory by the Holy Quran. Fasting the Ramadan season is the most important... Read more »