Ethiopia follows multi-sector growth approach

 Ethiopia’s pathway to prosperity follows a multi-sectorial growth approach to enable equitable development, while manufacturing remains a priority for its close linkage with other sectors. Ethiopia is taking meaningful reforms to make... Read more »

Fostering democratic values in Africa

 Unconstitutional power shifts and illegal migration remain serious problems of Africa. Peaceful transition of power through democratic elections would help to control the major challenges in the continent. Africa needs nurturing the... Read more »

 From the words of PM Abiy at the 4th round parliamentary session

 While responding to the questions of the members of the parliament (MPs) during the 3rd year 4th round parliamentary regular session, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) touched the political, economic, social, diplomatic... Read more »

 Prime Minister Abiy attends the first Saudi-Africa Summit

Welcoming ceremony in Riyadh Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) with his delegation arrived at Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Friday Morning. PM Abiy with his delegation arrived in Riyadh to... Read more »

The upcoming National Dialogue needs participation of the people: HPR

Active participation of the general public is vital in the upcoming national dialogue process to achieve lasting peace and national unity. So far, the activities of Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission are encouraging.The... Read more »

 Ethiopia has generated 2.2 billion Birr income trading export and substitute products within the Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone since the inception. The Free Trade Zone also creates over 2,300 job opportunities.... Read more »

 ENDF: Guardian of Ethiopia, Peace

The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is the emblem of peace both at home and abroad. Safeguarding, restoring and maintaining peace remains the top priority for the Ethiopian Defense Forces. ENDF is... Read more »

 PM Abiy visits China, attends 3rd Belt and Road Forum

 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) together with his ministerial delegation arriving in China, Beijing on October 15 for an official State Visit. During his arrival in Beijing, Prime Minister, Abiy with First... Read more »

 Ethiopia’s 150 million populations can’t live in a geographic prison

Ethiopia’s population is projected to reach 150 million. A country with a population of 150 million can’t live in a geographic prison. Owning a port in the Red Sea with give-and-take principle... Read more »

 President Sahle-work presents government’s plans of the year

 On Monday, October 09 the joint session of the third year and sixth tenure of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) and House of Federation (HoF) was opened. During the opening session... Read more »