Biodiversity meetings in Nairobi end, all eyes are now on COP16

Regions struggling to revise and update their National Biodiversity Plans aligning them with the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted at COP15, will now be given the technical and scientific support to develop and... Read more »

 Ocean Action on Global Agenda as Negotiations to Save Biodiversity Deepen

The oceans are as fascinating as they are mysterious. Home to the largest animals to ever live on Earth and billions of the tiniest, the top 100 meters of the open oceans... Read more »

 We should aim to be at peace with nature

In a world faced with habitat loss and species extinction, climate change, and pollution, it’s crucial that countries develop their national action plans and create a society that lives in harmony with... Read more »

Representing the unrepresented: The world can no longer ignore Africa

The last couple of years have seen expedited and increased calls for an equal representation of countries and continents at global stages. The world is moving into a multi-polar order with new... Read more »

 Trade rules and climate change: Africa stands to lose from proposed WTO policy tools

The new tools offer opportunities for countries to mitigate the climate change effect of their trade practices. The tools align with the Paris Agreement, the 2015 legally binding United Nations Treaty on... Read more »

Why the UN COP28 climate talks must serve farmers to achieve a “Just Transition”

DUBAI, Dec 5 2023 (IPS) – Food and agriculture is a top agenda item at UNFCCC COP28, as the world considers how to tackle the climate impacts of what we eat and... Read more »

 Can COP28 deliver for cities, climate migrants?

 The impacts of climate change on human mobility have yet to be fully understood and addressed on a global scale, even though some 3.3 to 3.6 billion people are highly vulnerable to... Read more »

 Record-breaking global migration

On 14 June, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) issued his flagship annual report, Global Trends: Forced Displacement 2022. It states that by the end of 2022, the number of people... Read more »

Smallholder farmers gain least from International Climate Funding

 Smallholder farmers from the Global South benefit from a grossly disproportionate 0.3% of international climate finance despite producing a third of the world’s food and despite holding the key to climate-proofing food... Read more »

 Can creativity change the world?

 It all fits into an off-road vehicle that can reach even the most remote parts of Southern Africa to bring cinema where the essentials are lacking, where there’s no electricity to power... Read more »