“And Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands”

Truth be told, we’ve completely stopped being surprised by the double standard, bigoted and, yes, racist political shenanigans from sections of the Western political elites and media-for-hire. Since Ethiopia unilaterally declared ceasefire... Read more »

No one dare touch me!

This happened only a few days back. The guy was in some real trouble; the sort of trouble that leads one to wonder “How the hell is going to go out of... Read more »

Keep the Hope-Crashers at Bay!

 In her early twenties she’s one determined lady who would plan something and go about accomplishing it. Not that she always succeeds, but she never gave up without first trying. But she... Read more »

Dear Brad, this is not about you!

 Ephrem Endale Contributer  A few of us were talking about the scale and absurdity of the foreign inference in the internal affairs of this country. The discussions were good in more ways... Read more »

People are Angry!

People are angry. I mean really angry! As the days pass outlooks of the world and some of its major players are shifting in ways we wouldn’t have imagined a couple of... Read more »

What is REALLY going on behind the closed doors?

Ephrem Endale Contributer  Just listen to the rhetoric of the past several days. Especially, a top official said that they’ll to “bury Ethiopians.” Hey, anybody home? A few weeks back an Ethiopian... Read more »

Hands in Someone’s Pie!

You don’t care who wins or loses. You’re there watching the football game just to have some good time. And then this guy comes and spoils it all. “Did you see? Did... Read more »

Weirdest ‘Reality Shows’

I should try my hand at writing short drama; who knows, maybe the big bucks and the fame might make life easier! Here we go; The setting is a house where your... Read more »

‘Phobia’ of the Number 70!

Time for the ‘usual complaint’ of life getting tougher by the day! The other day I had an appointment somewhere down and ordered tea and a piece of cake. Now several months... Read more »

“When the evil man calls out from up there…”

There was this famous (Or is it ‘infamous!’) rallying call of president he used to ‘cut Hillary Clinton down to her size.’ His supporters chanted “Lock her up!” “Lock her up!” Well... Read more »