Throwing full weight behind dev’t

Lying about 15 kms north of Wukro city, along a trunk road in Tigray State, Nejashi is a small town which has carried a much larger globally significant historical heritage. The Nejashi... Read more »

Coordinated actions to harvest from industrialization

Ethiopia is exercising a multi-sectoral growth approach to build a more stable path for growth, promote inclusive and sustainable development and support the economy by unlocking the untapped potential of various sectors,... Read more »

Beyond majestic look

As a headquarter of the AU, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and a seat for international organizations and diplomatic communities, Addis Ababa (meaning New Flower) has to be made modern as... Read more »

 National Dialogue is winning formula for Ethiopia today

“When trouble comes, close ranks…”goes the saying. The adage hammers home if a country likeEthiopia manages to ensure harmony buttressed by time-old serenity; it could fast track its development and it could... Read more »

 A commitment that should be reciprocated!

It can be recalled that when it came to power, the reformist leadership was initiating reconciliation and forgiveness in order to address the deep-rooted grievances and mistrust among Ethiopians. These initiations played... Read more »

 Industrialization: Winning formula for sustainable dev’t

Since recently, industrialization has become top agenda in the development menu of the government. In an aggressive effort to ensure food security and expedite economic transformation, Ethiopia is zooming in on revolutionizing... Read more »

 Advancing financial element in East Africa’s economy

This year’s East Africa Finance Summit is set to kick off today here in Addis Ababa under the theme “Exploring New Frontiers: Shaping the Future of Financial Landscape & Unlocking Opportunities for... Read more »

 Salient project management for mounting tourism

Ethiopia has been undertaking a number of development activities which predominantly connect its past history, present opportunities and future dreams in terms of socially, economically, culturally and even politically tied facets. The... Read more »

Commemorating patriots’ deeds is worth rewarding

Many think that patriots’ deeds, or the sense of patriotism and love of one’s country, are fighting for the sovereignty or independence of the nation and firing its woes, especially externally thrown... Read more »

Easter embodies forgiveness, love, sacrifice, better days

True, forgetting a harm inflected on us is impossible, for it remains itched on our memory especially if it is a harrowing experience, but forgiving is within the realm of possibility. The... Read more »