Addis Ababa, Taitu’s Legacy and Nostalgia of a Greener Past

The ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the Ethiopian capital, a task initiated and closely guided by the highest government authorities, can be seen as an attempt to partially return the city to its... Read more »

Out of the box mentality

Stereotype thinking brings destruction and mars the lives of the human society. Do not judge a book by its cover could be taken another word for this saying. Stereotype thinking may lead... Read more »

A Book in Hand: The Case of “The Abyssinian”

(Adopted Partly from “The Abyssinian by Jean Christophe Rufin ends in a happy note.” This was the first sentence I wrote when reviewing the book before Addis Tribune ceased being published... Read more »

Sidist Kilo Now and A Decade Ago

The term “Seba Dereja” means “Seventy Steps”, to render its literal translation from its Amharic origin. The place is familiar to many residents of Addis Ababa and more so to those living... Read more »

Reckless endangerment

When it comes to enjoying international recognition, Ethiopia is on the right track of putting in place infrastructural projects and encouraging public investment. The government has attached due attention to infrastructural development.... Read more »

 Aksumite  Kingdom and its magnificent artifacts Ethiopia is one of the countries that boast ancient civilization. It has a history that spans 3,000 years. Besides, it is home of pre-historic civilization known... Read more »

Driving through Debre-Cina: A thrill-packed adventure

Early on Thursday, a week before the Easter Holiday, the journalist crew of Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) deployed to cover in their reportages the sociopolitical-and-economic activities as well as investment and tourism... Read more »

Sof Omar: the mysterious cave

Ethiopia has numerous but not fully tapped tourism magnets that spellbound tourists around the globe. The natural and manmade tourist destinations are huge blessing that could afford the nation financial bonanzas if... Read more »

Portraying peaceful coexistent withstanding biting cold

It is not a secret that the various Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia have been living in harmony, love and unity since time immemorial. Above and beyond, they have been bounded... Read more »

Eyes on Unique Grevy’s of Alledeghi Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife, dense green forests, unique landscapes, water bodies, active volcanoes, cultural and religious festivals, ancient civilizations, architectural arts and indigenous wisdom are mostly the top preferences that many people would like to... Read more »