Explore Harla Archeological Site

  Located in Dire Dawa City Administration, the Harla Archaeological Site is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by tourists seeking an enriching cultural experience. With its fascinating history and unique... Read more »

Commemorating Adwa patriots, lessons to the new generation

On March 1, 1896, a significant battle took place on the mountains of Adwa, Ethiopia. This battle, known as the Battle of Adwa, marked a pivotal moment and a decisive victory in... Read more »

Adwa Victory Memorial: A must-visit destination in Addis

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Addis Ababa, the vibrant capital city of Ethiopia. While there are many attractions to explore in this bustling metropolis, one of the most significant historical... Read more »

 Adwa Victory Memorial: Portrayal of shining Victory, bedrock for boosting tourism

The Battle of Adwa was a pivotal event in Ethiopian history, marking the resistance of Ethiopians against the Fascist Italy’s attempt to colonize the country. In 1896, the great Ethiopian Emperor Menelik... Read more »

Gorgora Resort – There is Nothing Like it in All Africa

When PM Abiy declares with supreme pride and without any hesitation that there is no place in Africa that represents the ultimate expression of ecotourism like Gorgora Resort, he speaks the raw... Read more »

Agew horse riders’ festival towards boosting tourists inflow

The Agew Horse Riders Festival is a cultural extravaganza that has been captivating audiences for centuries. This vibrant celebration of tradition and horsemanship has gained recognition worldwide, attracting tourists from far and... Read more »

Timket festival in the eyes of tourists

Timket Festival, also known as Ethiopian Epiphany, is one of the most vibrant and celebrated religious festivals in Ethiopia. This annual event captivates both locals and eager travelers alike, offering a unique... Read more »

Timket, its unique ceremonial process

Timket, also known as the Ethiopian Epiphany, is a vibrant and revered festival celebrated in Ethiopia. It holds profound significance in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido and Catholic Christian faiths and is considered... Read more »

Genna celebrated colorfully, Timket awaits more tourists’ inflow

Lalibela, a small town located in the northern part of Ethiopia, is not only known for its ancient Rock-hewn churches but also for its vibrant and lively cultural celebrations. One of the... Read more »

Ye Gena Chewata-Traditional Ethiopians’ Christmas game

Ye Gena Chewata is the oldest traditional game practiced in Ethiopia for centuries. This traditional game though has deep roots and holds significant historical and cultural values, the exact origin of the... Read more »