Equating Ethiopia with terrorist TPLF is a gross miscarriage of justice and diplomatic ethics!


Over the last two years, the governments and media outlets in the western countries have been refereeing to the war in northern part of Ethiopia as a war between “ two parties”, “parties to the conflict,” “ the warring parties”, etc. The do this deliberately because they want to depict the conflict as if it is between two equal entities in their efforts to uplift terrorist TPLF which is now operating as their Trojan Horse in their hidden destabilization mission on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

It must be clear that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia has been kept by the blood and flesh of its gallant sons and daughters. The League of Nations has betrayed Ethiopia and the UN is following suit in much the same manner. Ethiopia will never succumb to any level of propaganda war or conspiracy that has currently being waged on the country.

Besides a series of betrayals including current attempts to portray a local terrorist group like TPLF on equal footing with a sovereign state like Ethiopia, the UN and western countries and internationally organizations have failed to accord to a member nation that has done everything to ensure to ensure the rule of law in Ethiopia. While a member nation is facing multiple challenges, these international bodies are committing far reaching mistakes by emboldening a terrorist group to feel as if they are on the same status with a federal government that is elected by the people of Ethiopia.

The international community has also failed to understand the real essence of the strategic goals of the terrorist group and cannot grasp the fact that the terrorist group tries to fulfill only its own interests and would never care otherwise. This terrorist group has no respect for international law but intends to fulfill its desires only through war without which it cannot exist at all. Terrorist TPLF uses war as a means of mobilizing the people of Tigray towards its own interests and appear to be the victim in the war while in reality it has triggered three rounds of war on the people of Ethiopia. The group seems to be successful not only to lure the western powers towards is interests but also to make them interfere into the internal affairs of the country.

A vandalistic group that has been designated as a terrorist by the House of Peoples Representatives has been conducting the most outrageous and heinous atrocities, killing children and their mothers, the elderly and the disabled as well as priests and sheiks in Amhara and Afar region. To date none of the international organizations including UNICEF, WHO, the EU and the US have condemned the fascistic rampages of the terrorist group.

They organized 12 UNSC sessions on the issue of GERD which is indeed the prerogative of the people and government of Ethiopia. They organized sanctions on the country for no reason. They came into assistance to the terrorist group by fanning false propaganda campaigns like the recent bombing of a “ kindergarten” in Mekelle while they are surly aware of the fact that the Ethiopian Airforce targeted terrorist group’s military targets in the city.

Instead of challenging the terrorist group on all the crimes it has done, they kept of issuing statements after statements calling for the “the two parties to immediately come to the negotiating table”. Their mission is indeed loud and clear, they want to save terrorist TPLF which has already boarded a sinking ship heading for the high seas. Ethiopia, a founding member of the Legume of Nations, the UN, AU, the Non-aligned Movement should not have deserved this. Ethiopia labored for years to ascertain regional and global peace but when her peace id disrupted by a homemade terrorist group, the international community blamed the government for moving to keep the rule of law and order in Tigray and even spread a false propaganda that Ethiopia started the war in Tigray, interestingly enough, then and now. The western powers address the rag tag peasant army of the terrorist group as Tigray Defense Forces attempting to show that there are two sets of defense forces in the country. Some media outlets in the west try to depict them as “ as the rebels” trying to hide the fact that terrorist TPLF is part and parcel of a global terrorist network which included Al-Shabab, Shene and more surrogate terrorist groups hatched by the terrorist group.

Recently an e-mail message from the Spokesperson of the Secretary General of the UN, Stephane Dujarric has exposed that Secretary General Antonio Gutrres has a brief conversation with the head of the terrorist group in Mekelle on matters related to the war in the northern Ethiopia. This conversation has been conducted both in gross violation of international law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. All the more it is a shameful disrespect to the people of Ethiopia who have greater respect for global organizations like the UN.

The western countries failed to stop terrorist TPLF from launching a third round of war in which thousands of children, mothers and the elderly ae participating only to perish at the battle front. The leaders of these countries and the US are trying to order Ethiopia not to do this and that while they have left off the terrorist group to cause the extermination of more than half a million of citizens in Tigray.

When it comes to the issue of human rights, the government is always to blame while none of the international organizations have uttered a word on the massacre in My Kadra, Chena, Kobo, Diesse. Kombolcha,Galikoma and a number of other districts in North Wollo Zone.The terrorist group was founded on western aid, fought with Ethiopian forces for 17 years with western aid, came to power inn Ethiopia with western aid ruling the country in the most tyrannical and savage way intolerable by all standards.

Today, in utter dismay of the people of Ethiopia and the government, the western media refer to the illegal government in Tigray as “the Government of Tigray” I their futile attempt to provide an indirect diplomatic support to the terrorist group. It is a pity that the UN and its agencies have fallen prey to the interest of the western powers who try to subjugate nascent democratic orders across Africa and the rest of the world.

In his recent message on the International Humanitarian Day, the President of the US referred to the humanitarian need in Tigray only while he is indeed aware of the fact that millions have been displaced, killed and traumatized in Amhara, Afar, North Shoa and parts of Oromia.

The doubled standard being reflected by the western powers and the UN systems is a vivid indicator of how the cardinal value of international law, human rights and international norms of standard diplomatic norms enshrined in the Geneva Conventions are not respected by the western powers. Indeed, their quest for the fulfillment of their national interests have over ruled due respect for international legal instruments.

Ethiopia is doing all it can to end the current war in the northern part of the country in a peaceful manner but terrorist TPLF has reject all these efforts before all to hear and see. Ethiopia upheld a series of unilateral ceasefires and has expressed its readiness to embark on the rehabilitation of infrastructure and service delivery system in Tigray but the terrorist group has no interest on peace in Tigray or the rehabilitation but still lingers around in its day dream of Greater Tigray which it hopes would be established after destroying the statehood of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia hopes that the international community and the leaders of the western powers would finally come to their senses in breaking their silence while terrorist TPLF is disrupting the peace and tranquility in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. The terrorist group is attempting to regionalize the war calling for military intervention by the so called big powers who are already entangled in their own military issues.

As repeatedly expressed by the government Ethiopia wants to conduct a peaceful development by deploying its natural sources for development. This country has no history of aggression but has remained a victim of internal and external wars which has prevented his country from improving the livelihood of its people by waging war on poverty and destitution. This is the sole intention of the people and government of Ethiopia which terrorist TPLF tries to stop in vain.

Terrorist TPLF has lost thousands of its fighters which mostly included minors and underage children who are forced to take marijuana in their food. In spite of all these crimes that the terrorist group is conducting on children in Tigray, the global organization that claims to stand for the rights of children has chosen to sit on the fence when children are dying in broad daylight. Why is this double standard maintained and why are UNICEF and WHO silent this? Nobody can answer this question except UNICEF and WHO themselves.

One thing is crystal clear here. The silence that the UN bodies and other international organizations are taking on Ethiopia will establish precedence I which the international organizations will continue to keep silent on the plight of children and their mothers in Africa.

The UN systems and the western powers are encouraged to review their current position of viewing the federal government of Ethiopia and a gang of terrorist group leaders on the same scale. History has yet to prove a lot and Ethiopia will certainly cross through these hard days and ultimately succeed.

 Editor’s Note: The views entertained in this article do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Ethiopian Herald

The Ethiopian Herald  4 September 2022

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