Foreign writers on the battle of Adwa (a synopsis

Reading Time: 6 minutes BY SOLOMON DIBABA The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire, a book written by Raymond... Read more »

Righteous reflection on being African: A Kwanzaa meditation

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A timeline of global conspiracy to weaken Ethiopia and save the terrorist clique in Tigray

Reading Time: 6 minutes  BY SOLOMON DIBABA Both in its internal structure and external manifestation, Terrorist TPLF was founded on relief aid food... Read more »

Who sponsored terrorism, who is the scapegoat?

Reading Time: 5 minutes BY LAKACHEW ATINAFU Gangs of bureaucrats and assemble of arrogant chaired there to snatch away another chair from those... Read more »

Ethio-Kenya relations should further be flourished

Reading Time: 3 minutes  BY DARGIE KAHSAY  The relation between Ethiopia and Kenya is beyond neighborhood. And further than official government to government... Read more »

Tigrayan opposition should voice louder about Tigrayan mothers, youth, and children

Reading Time: 3 minutes BY GIRMACHEW GASHAW So far, no one comprehends that the people of Tigray have been paying unnecessary sacrifices only... Read more »

T-TPLF, backers never deceive any one anymore

Reading Time: 3 minutes BY SHILOMO MOLLA As the issue is very close to my heart, I am following the situational in Ethiopia.... Read more »

 Perverting media objectives: new threat for the globe

Reading Time: 6 minutes BY LAKACHEW ATINAFU Tenets of journalism has been bite and teased every here and there for the media industry... Read more »

Some of the Strategies of the Terrorist TPLF

Reading Time: 7 minutes BY GETACHEW MINAS PART ONE The TPLF has suffered and continues to suffer defeat in the war it initiated... Read more »

Equating Ethiopia with terrorist TPLF is a gross miscarriage of justice and diplomatic ethics!

Reading Time: 6 minutes BY SOLOMON DIBABA Over the last two years, the governments and media outlets in the western countries have been... Read more »