TPLF is to be blamed

 The TPLF was restarted the war in order to hide and overshadow the demand of the people of Tigray and to fulfill its needs and the interests of other anti-Ethiopian forces. Since... Read more »

GERD’s second unit generates power, 3rd filling complete

By HAFTU GEBREGZIABHER “When we set out to build a Dam on the Nile, we said from the beginning that we did not want to make the river our own. When we... Read more »

 Towards peace process to ending Ethiopia crisis

Dr. Gedion and Myself held briefing today for Special Envoys of UN, EU and USA including Ambassadors of US, France, Germany, Italy and UK. Expressed positions of the Federal Government that the... Read more »

Strengthening peace, economic growth

Through promoting love and unity, the peace and development of our country should be strengthened. The culture of love and togetherness should be maintained. It is necessary to shoulder a better country... Read more »

Diplomatic achievements

IGAD is honored to be invited by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to observe this year’s general elections and the organization is pleased to continue to work with the people... Read more »

Addressing housing hoe

 Congratulations to all the beneficiaries who have been patiently saving money for many years and looking forward till today’s lotto drawing event. The man­agement and staff of the city administration, especially the... Read more »

Enduring peace

Appreciating the vibrant and longstanding relationships between the peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan, we believe that there are various standing mechanisms the two countries can utilize to resolve the border dispute without... Read more »

 International, regional partnerships

“I stand here today to offer you Ethiopia’s support, and as you know, as you start your endeavour to rebuild Somalia, we will be with you, and I’m sure you will succeed,”... Read more »

 Expanding exemplary investments

The activities carried out to encourage investment in the Southern Regional State have yielded satisfactory results in terms of attracting investors. The government is intensively working to attract more investors in the... Read more »

The vehicle for peace and security

“We have enough of destruction in this country and we have to be ready to solve our problems through dialogue and embrace options for peace. If the National Dialogue is conducted in... Read more »