Perverting media objectives: new threat for the globe


Tenets of journalism has been bite and teased every here and there for the media industry has served only those the only livers on the deaths of others who do not give leap service for massacres and atrocities of thousands innocent poor as mind seemed to be professional slat as one can see the solemn state funeral of queen Elizabeth as if she is going to end the era of injustice.

These guys are playing their card well in deceiving Africa tying minds with superstitious rope and for one’s surprise they tend to pick the feeling of pity and compassion. Are they humans? Of course they are. But what is the factor to label some is human and the other is not.

The tendency to eat the other had been considered as something special and wisdom. To execute the sin in formal ways the Europeans devised mechanisms deceiving the Supreme Being and the intrinsic moral using media grapevines the current modus operandi to sustain oppressions.

It was a universally accepted fact that the federal government of Ethiopia has tried every effort to reverse T-TPLFS’s aggression through peaceful means though the effort aborted to bear fruit due to the stubborn stance of the former and the International Community (IC) is well aware of the course but continued airing to defend the interest of certain group violating the tenets of journalism.

Leaders of Africa are currently on the alert and persuade the hypocrites to refrain from their ill deeds and escape to the pavilion of justice in time other ways the planet would rotate and revolve out of its axis and orbit which is an apocalypse for the existence.

According to analysis of Yonas Biru (PhD), the IC has been trying to bring an end to the senseless war. It has also generously provided humanitarian aid to mitigate the crisis that the war has wrought.

For this the government of Ethiopia has expressed gratitude. In the meantime, the international community’s both sidesism has created false equivalency. This has not only freed the TPLF from accountability.

Even its most outrageous use of child soldiers has not received the unequivocal condemnation it deserves. The international community has turned a blind eye to the TPLF’s brutal use of over 100,000 child soldiers. Far from condemning the TPLF’s war crime, some international media outlets described child soldiers as “highly motivated young recruit In New York, on 20 September 2022 77th Ordinary Session of the United Nations General Assembly Speech by SEM Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal, Acting President of the African Union under the theme: Crunching Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interdependent Challenges the acting president conveyed across messages in verbal irony to those chairing to navigate the world and better of abusing humanity.

The African began to pull trigger to address the white fake that Africa is on the alert for everything that the western are busy addressing ill wind to the ears of humanity and manage to live unnaturally.

The chair of Africa said terrorism gaining ground on the continent is not just an African affair. It is a global threat that is the primary responsibility of the Council, guarantor of the collective security mechanism, under the Charter of the Organization.

Also, we invite the Council to better engage with us in the fight against terrorism in Africa, with better mandates and more consistent means. Nearly eighty years after the birth of the United Nations system and the Bretton Woods Institutions, it is time to establish fairer, more inclusive and more adaptable to the realities of our time.

It’s time to overcome the reluctance and dismantle the narratives that keep Africa locked on the margins of the ruling circles.

It is time to stand up for Africa’s just and legitimate claim on Security Council reform as reflected in Ezulwini Consensus.

Africans are on the spring board to and began to quest the conspiracies and on the path to stand on legs that were technically crippled by nations fear neither God nor moral that end up nation’s impotence to dwell naturally.

When writing journalistically, one has to take into account not only one’s audience, but also the tone in which the piece is delivered, as well as the ABCs of news writing: Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.

A media objective is a clear, succinct statement of a goal. It tells what the media plan should accomplish in very specific, often measurable terms. The rationale supports the media objective with marketing facts – it tells why the objective makes sense. It is a common courtesy to the reader to label each objective. These 3 objectives include building relationships, raising awareness, and ultimately growing sales as a result. Let’s dive into each of these and learn more about how you can implement them to successfully launch a media relations campaign.

According to the perception and value judgment of Yonas, on August 24, the Tigryan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) waged a war against the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) for the third time. The front lodged its first war that it dubbed a “lightning strike” on November 4, 2020, with aim to “demobilize the federal forces and take control of 70 to 80 percent of the nation’s military fire power.” In response, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) to restore the constitutional order. on June 28, 2021, the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire.

The TPLF dismissed the gesture and informed CNN that it “will not be a part of such a joke” and invaded two neighboring regions: Amhara and Afar. Jeffrey Feltman, former US envoy to the Horn of Africa rightly noted TPLF’s war “widened the conflict and misery into the neighboring states of Amhara and Afar.” On November 9, 2021, The Amnesty International (AI) condemned the TPLF’s atrocities that “potentially amounts to crimes against humanity and defy morality or any iota of humanity.”

On March 24, 2022, having defeated and pushed the TPLF forces out of Amhara and Afar regions the government of Ethiopia decided not to pursue the fleeing Tigryan forces. Instead, it released from prison high-level TPLF officials who were captured during the first round of war. Subsequently, it declared its second unilateral truce to thwart the humanitarian crisis and pave the way for a peaceful resolution. The TPLF agreed to a “cessation of hostilities.” Sadly, that did not last long.

The TPLF used the lull period to rearm and forcefully recruit new fighters. Alex De Waal, TPLF’s advisor, revealed this, stating: “Sudan has quietly facilitated TDF supplies and allowed the TDF to recruit refugees, including a unit of Tigrayan soldiers that had been serving as UN peacekeepers in Sudan prior to the outbreak of the war and who refused to return to Ethiopia at the end of their deployment.” Speaking of rearming Tigray by foreign sources, William Davidson of the International Crisis Group said there is “pretty solid evidence.”

On August 24, the UN World Food Program (WFP) announced the “TPLF forces stole 12 fuel tankers from its warehouse in Mekelle,” the capital of Tigray. The same day, breaching the ceasefire, they used the fuel to launch its third war to invaded Amhara and Afar regions for the second time.

David Beasley, the head of WFP, condemned the looting as “outrageous and disgraceful.” The UN Secretary-General’s office stressed the TPLF’s action “will impact humanitarian operations,” such as “the distribution of food, fertilizer, and other emergency relief items.” The head of the USAID, Samantha Powers, characterized TPLF’s action as “deeply cruel.”

The international community is cognizant that this is not the first time TPLF diverted humanitarian aid to its war adventures. In August 2021, USAID officials complained US donated high-energy biscuits that were intended to starving children were confiscated by the TPLF fighters. A month later, the UN lamented the TPLF stole 428 UN aid trucks. The TPLF’s recent crimes are not circumstantial transgressions, but reflections of its character that is deeply embedded in its culture that has earned it a terrorist designation in the 1980s by the US government.

So, what is more to alleviate tension in east Africa and get rid of the western conspiracy first demands to sustain the age long harmony among the diverse nations putting in place answering queries of various elements and affording the basic needs.

The writer of this price seconds the recommendation of the scholar Yonas for termination of conflict and war which is paraphrased as follows-The government of Ethiopia has neither interest nor constitutional authority to concede to the TPLF’s demands. The priority must be ending all hostilities between the federal government and the Tigray region. Once this is resolved, all regional governments have constitutional means to raise any political matter through the political framework or through the Independent National Dialogue Commission established by the National Parliament.

Finally, the issue of restoring services such as banking must be a priority for the Ethiopian government, provided certain conditions are met. It is to be remembered that months before the TPLF was forced to relinquish power in 2018, it printed billions of Birr and sent a plane load of it to Tigray. It later used this stolen currency to destabilize the country, financing different subversive forces and converting the ill-gotten Birr to US dollars and Euros through the black currency market. The government of Ethiopia was forced to change its currency because of it.

Restoring the banking services requires transferring billions of the new currency to the TPLF. The government of Ethiopia has no reason to believe the TPLF will not use it for nefarious reasons just as it has done with WFP’s fuel, UN’s Trucks and USAID’s high-energy biscuits.

The international community must come to terms that the TPLF has lost credibility not only with the people of Ethiopia but also with the international community. An institution condemned as “disgraceful” by the UN and “deeply cruel” by the US cannot bring peace in the country or in the greater horn.

The international community must pressure TPLF leaders to accept a safe passage to a life of exile in an agreed safe haven with the following conditions: (i) the safe haven will not be a border nation; (ii) they will not be allowed to leave the safe haven for five years; (iii) they agree not to be involved in Ethiopian or Horn of Africa politics; and (iv) they agree to be extradited to Ethiopia if they violate any of the above three conditions. That will reset the peace process and end the humanitarian crisis.

 Editor’s Note: The views entertained in this article do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Ethiopian Herald

The Ethiopian Herald  24 September 2022

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