Excelling in diplomatic endeavors

 Through aligning its interests with many countries and playing laudable roles at regional and international levels, Ethiopia has maintained its diplomatic relations with many nations across the globe. For instance, from early... Read more »

Legitimate pursuit  for win-win cooperation

 Prime Minister Abiy (PhD) has recently emphasized the urgent need for Ethiopia to get access to ports on the Red Sea through negotiations. And several experts are also asserting the appropriateness of... Read more »

Sustaining peace, stability amidst challenges

President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde, on Monday, this week, opened the 6th year and 3rd tenure of the joint session of the two houses: House of Peoples’... Read more »

 Ethiopia working more vigorously on its tourist attraction capacity

Ethiopia needs to work on diversifying its tourism industry much further to meet the challenges facing the sector. For instance, cross cultural tour exchanges between staff and students of various universities, secondary... Read more »

Principled diplomacy for mutual benefit

Ethiopia, as one of the oldest nations in the world, has an advanced history of international relations and diplomacy. According to written accounts, the country’s traditional diplomatic and international relations with the... Read more »

 Diverse festivities for glorious harmony

 It has been splendidly fascinating to see Ethiopians celebrating grand religious festivals in the last two days. Ethiopian Muslims were celebrating the Mawlid, the 1498th birthday of the Prophet Muhammad while the... Read more »

 Leveraging on tourism: the nation’s major income source

Ethiopia is endowed with myriads of tourist attractions that include outdoor festivals; unique cultural heritage, rich history and remarkable biodiversity which are reflected in a tally of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites... Read more »

 Serving with integrity, honesty: The thread that produces success

 Pagumen month, the 13th month of the year in the Ethiopia calendar, is nationally dedicated to various activities. And today, the day is being marked across the country with the aim to... Read more »

 Green, affordable energy for Africa: Challenging but possible!

 Energy is an all-round treasure that has its hands in almost everything humans need in their lives. It is necessary to cook food, light the house, create healthy and educated society, facilitate... Read more »

 World system suitable to all

 Ethiopia is aggressively working towards a better diversified and inclusive diplomatic engagement on bilateral and multilateral arenas. At a bi-weekly press briefing he held here last Thursday, MoFA Spokesperson Ambassador Meles Alem... Read more »