Who sponsored terrorism, who is the scapegoat?


Gangs of bureaucrats and assemble of arrogant chaired there to snatch away another chair from those on the carpet. Religion preached making wall of vengeance between Jacob and Assay to reach nowhere. There are others who are making the word agley and making the living planet infertile and sustain humanity in panic.

Ethiopia has been making tribute in producing the world and it is a mighty name inscribed in the holy Bible and Quran for……

Who is Achilles? Who is Hector and who is Helen to write an epic? They the Maxim gun inventors pretend to preach the ten commandment committing immeasurable sins.

Among that, most notably the western hate Ethiopia however their hate autosuggestion emanated from humiliation resulted from the white defeated by the scimitar of Balcha.

Before the emergence of nationalism politics and so the Amhara, Tigray and Oromo are kin and traveled chronology without mentioning identity. Nonetheless, some collaborators received joker from the then colonialists and they are paying tribute for their collaborator fathers and forefathers.

Of course it would be selfishness to deny bravery and patriotism of the Tigrayans glaciating with their brothers in withstanding foreign aggression and incorporating a strong empire in East Africa may be after the Egyptian and Mero civilization.

Due to circumstance the power rivalry between the Ethiopian nations and nationalities appeared to be golden opportunity to violate the mysterious magnetism and age long harmony.

In due course, taking advantage of some collaborator group, the defeated group sow seeds of discord among brotherly people of the various nations.

After the breakneck reform the new administration under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed tried and mentor them how the bottle is half filled is so important however Terrorist TPLF ignored all possibilities of peace and warring embargo relaying on the head of the snake.

What is more, peace is a matter of existence for the crying children of the Horn for the ridiculous war claim lives of many, left thousands in trauma from each side according to the writer of this piece.

The federal government of Ethiopia is yet optimistic to settle down disputes in round table, no matter the perspective from the other pole seemed gloomy.

In response to the humanitarian truce announced by the Ethiopian Federal Government in the conflict-affected Tigray region which Tigrayan authorities have said they will respect if sufficient aid reaches Tigray within a reasonable timeframe, Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes region said:

“The humanitarian truce is a positive step for millions of people trapped in the conflict in Tigray region, where meager humanitarian aid supplies have left people starving – with insufficient food, water and other essentials.

Amnesty International urges all actors in the conflict to seize this opportunity to avoid worsening the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Tigray. Children and women are dangerously malnourished, and media reports suggest many are already dying of starvation.

All parties to the conflict must immediately allow humanitarian aid workers uninterrupted access to all conflict-affected areas of northern Ethiopia, including Afar and Amhara regions. This includes opening the flow of aid through the Afar-Tigray land route, which has been closed following the renewed fighting in the border area, and resumption of critical services such as banking, power, and mobile and internet communication.”

But we insist for the warring parties and the poor citizenry to put emphasis on mutual developmental goal and emancipate from slavery. Let’s learn a lesson from the civil wars and the Ogaden war and conflicts with Sudan. It is time to be on the alert to avert the conspiracies and plots devised by the Westerns and Ethiopia’s historical enemies.

The move toward negotiations began subsequent to the Tigrayans withdrawal and followed a series of conciliatory gestures signaling the two sides’ willingness to shift from a military to a political footing.

In December, Prime Minister Abiy’s government ordered the federal military to refrain from fully re-entering Tigray before releasing key opposition prisoners, including a number of T-TPLF veterans.

It also advanced a plan for a national dialogue to address the country’s chronic political problems. The next major step was a federal humanitarian truce on 24 March, which Tigray’s leaders said they would reciprocate four days later. The next month, Tigray’s forces withdrew from most of the positions in neighboring Afar region that they had taken up earlier in 2022 in response to a perceived threat from local armed groups.

Time teaches and experience makes it easier for everyone to move on. It is important to understand that the system of our country, Ethiopia, which is based on the politics of language federalism, has some negative characteristics.

Given the long history of Eritrea-Ethiopia relations, it is clear that we did not choose the right path either way. In addition to avoiding the so-called deadly wars and conflicts, there is still a need to learn from the colonial process to independence.

Beyond the current problems and temporary needs of the two parties, the political forces have to put in place, the consensus of the masses and the real interest, if we can do this at all times, we will always have the opportunity to try our best.

We need to understand from our past history that it is a combination of superstition, ambiguity based on selfishness and love. It is easy to see why the problem was so far-reaching, but it cost the two peoples dearly.

Although the two sides appear ready to negotiate, there has been some jostling over who will mediate the talks and where they should take place. In his open letter, Terrorist TPLF leader said the parties should meet in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

They also alleged that the African Union’s envoy for the Horn of Africa, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, is too close to Addis Ababa. For its part, the federal government has generally been supportive of Obasanjo, who has thus far served as one of the principal go-betweens in the conflict along with the U.S. envoy.

This writer feels that it is time to enter venture and might be wise decision to end era of conflict before it gets too late, though some could say even now is too late.

Now every rational Ethiopian understands that what has happened in north Ethiopia is a massacre against humanity due to ideal stance of politicians, a deliberate killing of innocent people that the TPLF orchestrated. A cruel and barbaric act motivated by deep hatred against the Amharas, and a full scale act of terror against civilians.

Ethicizing violence may further deteriorate the situation, endanger the security and wellbeing of the survivors, fracture the inter communal relations between communities, and eventually threaten the very survival of our beloved country.

We were wrong to think so. Our silence did not save our people from the monsters. That said I believe deliberating on the way forward is more important than the cry.

The solution should be action. That includes action to properly investigate the situation and take concrete measure to bring perpetrators to justice, action to compensate the victims and ensure the security of the remaining minorities living within minority ethnic and religious groups, action to dismantle the discriminatory constitutions and laws.

Who should do that? It is the duty of the government, political actors, civil society groups, the media, and all other peace loving Ethiopian stakeholders. How can they do that? It is by acting responsibly; by taking action based on their spheres of influence and responsibility; by conducting inclusive national dialogue and charting out a concrete plan of action and implementing it, and by taking other pragmatic actions. It is very important to understand the previous behavior of the party you are negotiating with.

The decision to peace talks is not an easier one. The people and government of Ethiopia are holding the olive branch while they clearly understand who the terrorist group is—the group has been antithesis of Ethiopia’s development by waging war against the central government. It did so in the past as well.

The group’s interest is clear to all. It has been and is still serving some interest groups at the cost of the Ethiopian people. Whatever their interest is; it is determined to fulfill it. It kills, loots, destroys property, gang rape women including nuns—all too terrorist communities and achieve the interests and Ethiopian’s arch enemies.

These interest groups have dominated the international community. They have strong organizations that work in the name of media, humanitarianism, human rights and academia. They get a huge level of diplomatic and media assistance, not to mention the financial, logistical and other supports. But, there are still friends of Ethiopia. Moreover, the people of Ethiopia never succumb to the machinations of these groups. Defeated groups will not succeed.

 Editor’s Note: The views entertained in this article do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Ethiopian Herald

The Ethiopian Herald  9 October 2022

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