Of mesmerizing smiles and jaw-breaker stake

Two occasions that found me in restaurants these past few days; both times for a bite or two with friends back home for a few weeks’ vacations from a country where the... Read more »

‘The Confused’

I read somewhere what an American satirist fade up with the Republican/ Democrat ‘clash of the titans’ sort of bickering proposed an alternative party… ‘The Party of the Confused!’ Confused, that’s what... Read more »

Noise pollution and a careless city

Time really flies, doesn’t it? Before you completely shake off last night’s vodka from your system it is drinking time again! There are easier ways of explaining things! And the vodka having... Read more »

The abuse of time

It is 10:00 A.M. Time for your major appointment which was postponed a couple of times because the GM was’ “Busy!” The secretary was, as they say, dressed to kill. Aren’t they... Read more »

Demonization…the name of the ‘new’ game

It has become a game; a favorite one, too. Sort of a spectator sport with no rules or responsibility except vile words meant to wound and hurt. Demonization! That’s the name of... Read more »

 ‘The demon’ is in the detail  One of those moments one seeks the advice of a best friend. It happened several months back. The gentleman was having some marital problems; or so... Read more »

Of stomach cramps and chili-mix

You’re not feeling well. All the bacteria, germs and all those naughty, invisible creatures run riot practically hauling over your digestive system. Aha; Gastritis! That’s what it must be. Look, by some... Read more »

Driving us crazy!

I was sitting beside the driver of a minibus taxi. The middle-aged guy, who looked like anything but the legendarily creepy Addis cabbie, says. “Fasten your seatbelt.” Oh, I almost forgot. The... Read more »

Small talk

In ‘the good old days,’ small talk meant just that, small talk; the little and ‘harmless’ things in life that didn’t put you on either side of some fence. Sadly enough, things... Read more »

Wrong number

Your cellphone rings; you don’t know the number. “Hello!” “I want to speak to Almaz.” No greetings, not anything. It isn’t even a polite request. It sounds more like, “Hand the phone... Read more »