Caught red-handed

 It was one of those stories you refuse to believe. You know, an event would happened to others and not you and your beloved ones; Like all the bad things happen elsewhere; like all the infidelities where were stories to be heard and not experienced; like all the bring-broke an penniless were stories in time zones other than yours!

Recently someone was telling me about the breakup of a marriage I thought was the handiwork of God Himself. The couple has been living in a European country for the better half of two decades and we thought they really meant the “…death do us part,” thing when they tied the knot. More shocking however was the reason which brought down the wall…infidelity! Sorry, what was that again? Infidelity! this coming on top of numerous such local stories you her about in got me thinking, stakeholders should do something in way of putting the brakes on the trend if only to save a sizeable generation edging closer to adulthood. Grim scenarios indeed!

“Ok, I want you to leave the house.” an infuriated spouse telling her hubby

 who thinks he’s some h Houdini with tricks up to his neck.

“What! What do you mean leave the house?”

“I want to you to pack up your things and go.”

“Go where?”

“Of course, to your mistress. I have been told she has a house three times as big as this. So, why should you, my dearest husband, suffer in this cubicle? This is for us the poor ones.”

“Look, what you heard is wrong. They’ve been feeding you lies.”

You never know when you step on the banana peel!

“How do you know that? Did I say anybody fed me anything? Did anybody come to you and said they have told me stories.”

“No, but…”

“Then how come you’re talking about ‘they!’ Or are you planning these things in groups?”

“I don’t get you.”

“Oh you don’t! I thought you were a little smarter. Are there are others with the full knowledge of you little story…”

 “What story are you talking about?”

You decide to stand your ground… then be sure there is ground to stand on. This is the e age of technologies they tell you and don’t tell you about. You never know which pair eyes are on you when and where.

Then come the pictures, one by one; high definition photos which seem to be the work of a gifted cameraman. By the time she has gone halfway the guy has turned into a different creature. If you think The Hulk is what green is about you are missing out on vital information because it isn’t. To see what green is really about you have to see a hubby caught red-handed when presented with graphic evidences of his infidelity.

Many years back I heard this story where a young lady was caught cheating only a few months into her marriage. First she denied it. Then as she was pushed into the final corner she threw in the towel; “We only kissed. That’s all!” It was as if whether you’re married or not kissing was free-for all!

It’s no more the best kept secret. Everyone is talking about it behind closed doors and in the watering holes too. I mean the guy should have asked, “What the hell is going on?” when he sees the subdued greetings, the frowns which never were there! People all of a sudden don’t turn their backs.

But then here is the funny thing… in some circles these days infidelity gets you invited to the most expensive drinks and sort of VIP dinners!

“The talk is that he’s sleeping around. Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes, I do. Isn’t he one hell of a guy?” What!

“What do you mean by that? The guy is creating on his wife!”

“So what! He’s not cheating. He’s doing what he wanted to do and his wife understands it.”

“What! Exactly what does his wife understand?”

“That he has every right to do what he wants.”

“You mean she is in it, too?”

“”She’s in it neck-deep. Does that answer your question?”

It does answer a whole lot of questions; asked or what should have been asked like, “Don’t I have more important things to think about?”

The Ethiopian Herald June 27/2021

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