The New Nile Order: Ethiopia won’t sleep with old pigs in the sty

The COVID-19 pandemic that took lives of close to forty thousand people and left a million others in dire situations has changed news headlines all over the world. In Ethiopia, however, the... Read more »

Researches converting water hyacinth to alternative fuel

Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) conducted a four day long forum at Adama few weeks ago. While approached by The Ethiopian Herald, Abiyot Berhanu (PhD), Director of the institute explained... Read more »

Ethiopia’s sound stance cannot be compromised

Some seven years past, this writer recalls university students’ continuous yawns in the morning classes-a situation that left lecturers to wonder for a while. Simply put, it was due to the students... Read more »

Recreating irrigation based lowland prairies in Ethiopia

If one gets the chance to travel across Canada, he/she could get the chance to cruise through the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in which wheat farmlands dominate the area... Read more »

Saluting those who have served: Reflections on Remembrance Day

Yekatit 12, which falls on either the 19th or the 20th of February, is Remembrance Day in Ethiopia. It was the day when, in 1937, many gave their lives in the fight... Read more »

Hate speech, freedoms of expression in contemporary Ethiopian politics

Hate and hate speech psychologically develops in the hearts of those who are fearful of others and is vocalized through words of mouth emanating from some sort of myth and rage. Hate... Read more »

FM Gedu Holds Talks with U.S Ambassador Raynor

ADDIS ABABA (ENA)-Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew held talks with the U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Raynor today. The two sides discussed about ways of enhancing bilateral and international relations between Ethiopia and... Read more »

Why do you want to go to the future, if the future will come to you?

There is an old Ethiopian proverb that goes: “One cannot feel homesick a place that s/he had never been to.” Still walking on the streets of Addis, my friend Duni and I... Read more »

Whence comes the threat to Peace in Africa

Africa, a region that was code named by the European colonizers as a Dark Continent is no longer dark. Over the last several decades, continental peace has always been threatened by numerous... Read more »

Keep walking; inspired to be sorry

The complex nature of life in big cities offers inspirations for people who struggle to find purpose in life; it also prompts those who always follow their hearts to keep on their... Read more »