Are We Indeed that Close!

This time around there seems to be quite legitimate reasons to fear that the World War III would finally begin. (Did I use the term ‘finally!’ It’s astounding how some of us... Read more »

 “Where the Hell is My Money!”

A couple of weeks back I was making the rounds of the city with a friend of mine when he points at a high rise and tells me he bought an apartment... Read more »

Something is Wrong!

Much has been said about the perils of the social media which despite all its positive sides is marred with perils Especially our entertainment industry seems to be going through a transformation... Read more »

SOS! – “Save Our Souls”

There seem to be too many secrets these days. So many that if someone distributed them most us we’d have more than we can carry around. (Yes, I’m taking it a little... Read more »

Nostalgia or Clean Slate!

There are certain issues you just can’t avoid however much you want and actually try to turn your back on them. They come over and again with such frequency the logical outcome... Read more »

Me and My Bus Rides – A ‘Freshman’ Talking!

A little confession; I rarely used city buses for quite a long time, until now that is. One reason was that most of the time my workplaces and residence were only walking... Read more »

 “I Hate…”

We’re discussing a lot of things these days, aren’t we? There is so much to talk and to discuss about. Amidst such interactions the unexpected happens. You know like ideas and concepts... Read more »

Cooling Down the Hotheads

A couple of weeks back good old Arsenal was in a quarter final match and they finally made it through on penalties. And what happened? That’s a very unwise question. Well they... Read more »

Criticizing ‘A’ Doesn’t Always Mean Aiding ‘B’

“Whenever A and B are in opposition to each other anyone who attacks and criticizes A is accused of aiding and abetting B.” Those were the words of George Orwell. He’s quit... Read more »

 Self-Crowned Geniuses!

Many of us seem to be afflicted with this curse of taking people for their appearances. I tell you this is one problem, and a crucial one too, which eats at the... Read more »