“You Caused Them; You Solve Them!”

I was imagining what I would say if I get the chance to talk to Him for a few minutes. There are so many things I’d like to tell him, ask him, and things which would force me to demand explanations. Somehow say I get this chance.

Him:- It is rather odd wouldn’t you say? I mean a complete stranger having an audience with Me is a little difficult to explain to others.

(I get the urge to ask him why it should be difficult for me to talk to him. Am I not his creation? Am I not one of the billions of souls and is He not supposed to treat every single one of us equally? But I keep my cool. I didn’t go all the way to him to pick up a fight.)

Me: – With all due respect I wouldn’t say it’s odd. After all I have been waiting for this chance like many billions are waiting and luckily I got the chance.

Him: – I’ll tell you one thing. I’ll be accused of favoritism. Already you down there are treating my case as if I have certain people I love and help in every and all ways populations I hate.

Me:- Are You telling me you hate no one.

Him: – Are you telling me I actually hate people.

Me:- I’m not telling you; I’m just asking the question because for them, nay things I noticed I really don’t know how to think. Since everybody even the atheists at times try to send their message to You it seems some of them get their requests answered while others don’t.

Him: – Do you think I’m the one deciding who gets what? Do you think I reward some while I deny others?

Me:- Again with due respect; I don’t only think; I believe with all my heart since I have seen a lot of such happenings while some are happy while others are sad for absolutely no reason…

Him: – Except favoritism on my part.

Me:- Well I don’t want to put it that way, but many, perhaps too many people think that You act like norms!

Him:- Oh now you’re talking, aren’t you? Forgive me for being blunt; do you guys really believe that I am the one who brings the smile to some people while I make others sad? Give me a “yes,” or “No,” answer.

Me:- But it’s not that easy.

“One minute you try to be a bold and no-nonsense guy who calls a spade a spade. Isn’t that what you down there say? The next then shift and play softy, softy as you guys down there say.

Me:- But I’m not playing softy, softy as You say. I was just trying to make things clearer to me so that my outlook and decisions would be informed.

Him:- Ok trying to argue with you people would be nothing less than wasting time in the most blatant way. Tell me in any way which you think is appropriate.

Me:- Well, it’s hard to give a final verdict on all. But most of you think that way.

Him:- What ‘that way?’

Me:- What I was trying to say was…I hope you wouldn’t take it against me for telling You the general mood.

Him:- Am I right to feel that you’re treating me like just another human being? Allow me to be surprised. Him:- Why should I take anything against you!

Me:- Please take my comment as a slip of the tongue. To come to the point, I’ve to say quite a lot of believe that you’re consciously punishing some while you’re rewarding others while the sins of one side were neither worse nor ‘better’ than those the others.’

You know what I’ve to commend you for being so candid. One thing I notice about many down there is that they never have the guts or the conviction to say or what they actually should say.

Me:- Pardon me for crossing some lines, but aren’t you supposed you know the problems of each and every one of us?

Him:- I can’t believe you’re asking me such a question!

Me:- Sorry! I’m messing up things, am I not?

Him:- I’m not trying to scare you. Come to think of it and I think it is nice you brought that point. Many of you believe that I’m with you 24/7 hanging on to everything you do, every thought lament every word you say.

Me:- yes we do.

Him:- Well I wouldn’t dare deny it in its entirety. But I’ve to tell you that you’ve taken it way of over the line. Anyway I have a crucial question for you.

Me: – please ask me.

Him:- Do you realize that all this time we haven’t talked about anything significant? Is that why you came all the way.

ME:- Not at all! I want to ask you why there are so many wars and armed conflicts all over the world.

Him:- How would I know?

Me:- that wasn’t the answer I expected.

Him: well, sorry but that’s the answer you’d get. You brought the question to the wrong place.

Me:- B…but It doesn’t make sense. If you don’t know who would?

Him:- I don’t know! I really don’t know! You should be asking those who are fighting and those who are making them fight. I don’t pull the triggers; I don’t fly the warplanes and drop the bombs; I don’t maneuver the tanks and shoot the big guns; then how in the world would I know which practically is your responsibility.

Me:- You know how much what you’re saying is denting my hopes!

Him:- It shouldn’t. Look, the problem is that you create the problems; you cause the conflicts; you blow each other’s head off and what do you do? You point your accusing finger at me. I’ve heard your compatriots saying that I was the cause of all the armed conflicts in your nation.

Me:- Sorry for interrupting you. But look what’s going on in my country. There’s a lot of talk that things are in your hands. You’re the only one who could solve it.

Him:- It is bitterly funny. You people are even saying I’m punishing the hundred million-plus people for all their sins. Did I ever say that? Did anyone ever hear me saying that? Did I ever say that I particularly picked your people out for punishment while practical 99% of you are sinners! Since you’ve used up your time do you want to hear my final message about what you say are your problems?

Me:- Yes. I do.

Him:- You caused them, you solve them!

Ephrem Endale Contributer



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