EFPApp enables citizens to participate in crime prevention activities: PM Abiy

The Federal Police Commission, in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Institute, launched the EFP Citizen Engagement App (EFPApp). This initiative is part of the Digital Ethiopia strategy, which aims to deliver essential services to citizens.

Over the past six years, the Federal Police has transitioned from ana­logue to digital systems.. Available on the App Store and Play Store, this app enables citizens to actively participate in preventing criminal activities by providing tips via photo, video, voice, documents, or direct calls. I urge all citizens to be proactive in securing our neighborhoods and cities.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) inaugurating EFPApp


Ethiopia on the right track to achieve 7.9% growth plan

Ethiopia witnessed promising performance in the macro economy sector during the nine months of this budget year. The performance of the agriculture, industry and service sectors showcases promising development.

The promising performance in the macro economy is an indication that Ethiopia is on the right path to register the estimated 7.9% annual economic growth during the budget year. So far, under the ‘Ye LematTirufat’ initiative, it was made possible to produce two billion liters of milk, 1.4 billion of eggs, 200,000 tons of meat as well as 110,000 tons of honey.

Fitsum Assefa (PhD), Minister, Ministry of Planning and Development


 Ethiopia repatriates over 27,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia: MoFA

Ethiopia announced its plan to repatriate 70,000 Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia two months ago. Accordingly, Ethiopia has repatriated more than 27,000 citizens so far. A transit shelter is provided for the returnees up on their arrival in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian government will continue repatriating its citizens by conducting three flights a day for four days every week.

Ambassador Nebiyu Tedla, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


 Ethiopia to develop some 150 mini-grid projects

  The Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) has been actively working on developing 150 min-girds in the coming ten years in a bid to reach out remote and rural areas. Ethiopia has been working to ensure ac­cess to energy for all rural and remote areas.

In the coming ten years, MoWE will strive to develop some 150 mini-grid power generation systems. The development of mini-grid aims to reach inaccessible rural and remote areas of the country.

Berhanu Woldu, Rural Energy Technology Development and Trans­formation Executive Officer, MoWE



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