Somaliland marks ‘national day’ laments on Intl. recognition

Somaliland marks ‘national day laments on Intl. recognition
HARGEISA–Somaliland yesterday marked its 33rd anniversary of the ‘restoration of independence’.
For Somalilanders, May 18 is tantamount to national day in which they were able to restore sovereignty after years of rule under Mohamed Siad Barre.
The ‘restoration of independence’ which is however considered to be a unilateral proclamation is commemorated worldwide by Somalilanders.
This year’s May 18 was celebrated yesterday with parades crowds lined up in the street waving flags, dancing to cultural and traditional songs.
Celebration began on the eve of the day with cheerful Somalilanders, spending the national day in various occasions.
The official commemoration event was attended by Somaliland public, high-ranking government officials, including President Muse Bihi Abdi.
Hargeisa which has strong ties with Ethiopia is said to make a good strides in terms of peace building and infrastructural growth in the last years comparing to other areas in the region.
This year, Hargeisa entered Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with Addis Ababa as per of providing the latter access to an outlet or port in the Gulf of Eden.
Many hail the MoU as collaborative approach to essentially for foster regional stability and mutual growth.
Addressing jubilant crowds Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi vowed to follow peaceful means to get international recognition while seeking regional collaboration to achieve economic growth and stability.

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