Prime time to build bridges to foster unity: PM Abiy

It’s high time for Ethiopian citizens to craft bridges that foster interpersonal engagements and realize national development expeditions.

It is also highly valuable to craft bridges that are not only constructed with physical constituents but also a bridge that is built on our common narra­tions that shapes false narrations, fortifies social cohesion and transcend regional boundaries among the entire fellow citizens.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said inaugurating Abbay Bridge, built on Abbay River in Bahir Dar city of Amhara State

 Joining WTO key component of Ethiopia’s Economic Reform: Ambassador Mesganu

The Government of Ethiopia is ready and committed to expedite Ethiopia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The government desires the technical negotiations completed speedily. Joining the WTO is a pivotal aspect of Ethiopia’s economic reform agenda.

Ethiopia has passed significant policy amendments and radical decisions in relation to trade and finance sectors that will assist advance the joining process. Being a major economic player in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia would significantly enhance the World Trade Organization’s stature by becoming a member.

Ambassador Mesganu Arga, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said while discussing with Maika Oshikawa, Director of the WTO Accession Division

 Ethiopia will take Azerbaijan’s integrated digital government service as a model: DPM

Azerbaijan’s modern government service delivery system can serve as a model for Ethiopia’s civil service reform. Ethiopian delegation has observed the efficient digital delivery of government services at the ASAN Service Center here in Azerbaijan.

The public satisfaction with government services in Azerbaijan has reached 99.8 percent and the government has garnered various global awards for its achievements.

Ethiopia will take Azerbaijan’s integrated digital government service as a model in its own efforts to improve public service delivery.

Temesgen Tiruneh, Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, said after visiting Azerbaijan’s ASAN Service Center

 Statement by U.S. Ambassador contains allegations, unsolicited advice to the Government of Ethiopia on how to run the affairs of the country: MoFA

 The Ambassador of the United States of America in Addis Ababa read a Statement called “Policy Speech on Human Rights and Dialogue” containing allegations against, and unsolicited advice to the Government of Ethiopia on how best to run the affairs of the country and mention groups bent on overthrowing the elected Government by force, and known for blackmailing, kidnapping, and terrorizing civilians.

The statement is ill-advised and contains uninformed assertions. It is contrary to the historic and friendly relations between Ethiopia and the United States. The two countries have maintained close ties and continue consulting on national, regional, and global issues of common concern. Ethiopia has been open to discussing wide-ranging topics with the United States, including efforts toward peace and security, ensuring respect for human rights, and nurturing democracy in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia will work with the Embassy  of the United States in Addis Ababa to correct factual errors and inconsistencies in the statement. It will suggest better ways befitting diplomatic decorum; and that will not undermine democratic processes and peace in the country. Ethiopia remains committed to a mutually respectful bilateral dialogue and relations with the United States.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia statement.


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