“Made in Ethiopia” campaign championing local producers: PM Abiy

“Made in Ethiopia” movement helps to revive the manufacturing industry. It promotes local production and competitiveness in the sector. We must uphold the achievements of the movement by championing local producers and utilizing domestic products.

The productivity of the industry sector is increasing and we have to develop the culture of using domestic products. Manufacturing industries should harness Ethiopia’s vast resources, energy, markets, and human capital to maximize outcomes and drive sustainable growth. The Ethiopian Government is working to further develop the sector and to work hand-in-hand with investors.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said while opening

the ‘Made in Ethiopia’ 2024 Expo


Digital telethon challenge targets 50M birr in single day: PMO

For Sunday, May 12, 2024, a new initiative of 50 million Birr digital telethon challenge will be launched to support the ‘Clean Ethiopia’ initiative. The initiative will stay for 10 hours period.

Every Ethiopian concerned is invited to participate in the digital telethon challenge on Sunday, tomorrow. ‘Clean Ethiopia’ initiative, introduced by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seeks to build modern, hygienic, and respectable public restrooms. The initiative targets public engagement to realize the initiative.

Office of the Prime Minister

EU Visa restriction imposed on Ethiopian citizens unfair: MoFA Spokesperson

The Visa restriction imposed by the European Union Council on Ethiopian citizens is unfair. Ethiopia has informed the European Union Council about the visa restriction decision regarding Ethiopians.

The council decided that people from Ethiopia will have to wait 45 days instead of 15 days for their EU visa to be processed. The decision is unfair.

A national committee has been established to investigate citizens who are returning to the country after their case has been investigated and is working with the union.

Nebiyu Tedla, Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of Ethiopia

“Made-In-Ethiopia” movement contributes to increase GDP: Industry Minister

The measures taken to resolve the bottlenecks in the industry sector with through the “Made in Ethiopia” Movement helped the sector to increase its contribution to the overall GDP of the country. The movement has been registered tangible outcomes in improving the productivity of the industry sector.

The share of the industry sector has grown to 39 % of the GDP. Thanks to the “Made in Ethiopia” movement, Ethiopia substituted import products worth 1.9 Billion USD over the past nine months of current Ethiopian fiscal year. The movement significantly enhances local production.

Melaku Alebel, Minister, Ministry of Industry said during the launching ceremony of ‘Made in Ethiopia Expo’ at the Millennium Hall this Friday

 The Ethiopian herald May 11/2024


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