Ethiopia-South Sudan relations on rise

Hold experience sharing to bring women’s holistic empowerment

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopia-South Sudan bilateral relations will be encouraged through their partnership on security and peace, education, infrastructure development, and women empowerment arenas, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR) said.

The HoPR Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee Deputy Chairperson Fathe Mahdi (PhD) made the above remark yesterday while holding an experience sharing program with South Sudanese delegation.

Speaking at the event, the deputy chairperson noted that Ethiopia and South Sudan have a long standing relationship that has been invigorated in various areas during the past over many years.

Ethiopia has a strong belief in mutual development through utilizing natural resources in a fair and reasonable manner and it gives due attention to make mega projects including the Abbay Dam (GERD) benefits neighboring countries. Besides, Ethiopia gives due emphasis to road construction to connect the two countries whilst 250 South Sudan Students obtained scholarship so far.

“The experience sharing would address women challenges and bring adequate outcome in politics, economic, and social development,” Fathe elaborated.

South Sudanese Gender, Child and Social Welfare Minister Aya Benjamin, who is also the leader of the delegation, said, “Ethiopia is our second home and we prefer the better even in the time of crisis.”

She also stated that the experience sharing program would bring significant roles in ensuring women political and economic empowerment whilst due attention has been attached to children rights.

HoPR Women Caucus Kimiya Junedi on her part said that the main aim of the experience sharing is increasing women participation in peace keeping, development, diplomacy, decision making, and the likes.

“Previously, we draw important lesson from South Africa and Kenya in the issue of women empowerment while we are sharing our experience to South Sudanese delegation today. Such programs will play a significant role in realizing the common agenda that to ensure women empowerment and children rights at large.”



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