Something is Wrong!

Much has been said about the perils of the social media which despite all its positive sides is marred with perils Especially our entertainment industry seems to be going through a transformation which, at least on the surface, seems to be changing a lot of things. Not that professional works on that particular industry are registering noticeable positive changes.

But the narrative’s surrounding the industry show signs of trying to emulate the entertainment industries of the west especially Hollywood. Yes, change is necessary and things have to be upgraded based on the general picture of the times internationally and the national scene which has a lot to catch up with much of the world far ahead from us. Of course when we talk about the necessity of change we’re talking about positive changes which help the growth of the industry along with the upgrading the skills of the professionals.

In recent years we have seen much technical improvement in the field of cinematic, music clips and the like. Of course much remains with the professionals in mastering those software and using and refining their own creative powers. Credit is due for the efforts already being witnessed but mastery comes with the urge and labor to hit the pinnacle of technical cinematic prowess.

That being said there are signs among the professionals with emerging practices which have nothing to do with cinematic knowledge or otherwise. Just look at the social media pictures of female actresses.

The way they dress seems to have gone through a total transformation as the clothed parts of the body get narrower and the unclothed parts grow larger. Hmm… time to set a records two straight. Now I’m not the conservative type who still thinks any cloth which goes above the middle the calf is tantamount to blasphemy.

I try to watch transmissions of those red carpet events like the Oscars and the Grammys whenever I get the chance. Now those red carpet events aren’t about the winners of the prizes or the once in a blue moon events like Will Smith’s ‘The Slap to End All Slaps!’ (Though it’s none of my business I think that particular event was blown beyond all proportions and seems to have taken political dimensions with Smith’s haters going all the way to roast him alive publicly. The amount of efforts to make the fellow ‘the baldest guy on the planet’ sometimes tittered on utter insanity. Even after he apologized for is actions the hunt for his head took quite significant time to go to lower gears. After all, no one accuses Hollywood of being the sanctuary of the angels! But then as I said it’s none of my business.)

Now for any close observer the red carpet changes when it comes to dressing up over the years are loud and clear. More skin and flesh is thee for the cameras and millions of pairs of eyes. I have to say a couple of words I don’t use usually. The bra, the good old bra, is all but being discarded and you know what that means. These days of the social media you see Ethiopian actresses edging to the Hollywood lot by throwing away much fabric even the bra too! I told you this is not about me being primitive minded but there are things which don’t make many of us comfortable and someone has to say them.

And then there are the poses of the pictures. I mean there are poses and there are poses! It’s as simple as that. No it isn’t. My knowledge about photography is so irrelevant that if you ask me “How do you rate my pose in this picture? I look like another local George Clooney, don’t I?” you’d be making a big mistake. I’d tell you my answer before you even a waste single word. “Not only George Clooney! You look like five Brad Pitt and. The moment Stephen Spielberg sees your picture a private jet would come for you.” Why do I say that! What do you mean why do I say that? I’m being politically correct; that’s why.

But despite me being not photo-friendly I can see some poses and conclude “Isn’t this lady suggesting something else?’

“I mean isn’t she suggesting something more than the design she’s wearing?”

“No comment.” Smart guy!

Look there are many rumors making the rounds when it comes to actresses. Of course there are also rumors about actors too. But then things are a little noisier when it comes to the actresses. After all, menfolk are still running much of the show! Some souls conclude that many of the unusual photos we see on the social media are about some sort of unannounced private competitions and given the tight times we’re in you can’t blame the young ladies. Well, that’s open to some debate as it touches many aspects of life. Rumors, believe me, will, always be there. But I would have liked the concerned parties in this story also take into consideration the public’s feelings so that there would be fair and civilized discussions where all parties would end up winners. Now can you think of nicer climax to such sensitive stories! Again we wish to see our actors and actresses shoot up the professional ladder so that we’d join the rest of the world where our productions would be international material.

Speaking of celebrities there is this point I want to mention in passing. Funerals of celebrities have in recent years taken dramatic turns. They are no more simple events of friends, families and members of the villages Iddir seeing of the deceased and consoling the bereaved family for a few days. Now celebrity or no celebrity I believe that citizens who have dedicated their lives not only for their personal comforts but also for the wellbeing of society at large deserved decent send offs when they depart this world of ours. It would be the society’s way of saying, “Thank you, for everything you have done for your community and may your soul rest in peace!”

In recent days celebrity funerals are becoming more about other show people. There seems to be this urge to use the opportunities for promotional purposes. You hear and read about which actors and actress wept the most; those who were silently suffering and the actual, stories about the departed are growing quieter and that’s not nice at all!

Something is wrong over there; something is very wrong!

The Ethiopian Herald April 14/2024

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