Metropolitans organize a grand rally in support of the national reform

In connection with sixth year of the national reform (reformist government), residents of Addis Ababa city organized a rally which was attended by the city dwellers. The rally which was organized under the theme “We stand together for our nation’s prosperity” was held yesterday at the Meskel Square.


Fiche Chambalalla festival celebrated

Fichee Chambalalla, New Year festival of the Sidama People was colorfully celebrated in Hawassa city yesterday. The people of Sidama and celebrants from across the country gathered in Hawassa city to celebrate the New Year festival.


Second round Second Generation Ethiopian Diaspora homecoming program commenced

The Second generation of Ethiopian diaspora homecoming program commenced this week. During the first-round homecoming program, over 74,000 Second-Generation Ethiopian Diasporas visited Ethiopia. Following the successful completion of the first round, Diasporas started arriving home for the second round homecoming program.

Upon arrival at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, members of the second round homecoming of second generation of Ethiopian diaspora were warmly welcomed by Ministers and senior government officials.


Construction of 60 thousand homes launched in Addis Ababa

This week, the construction of 60 thousand homes was commenced in Addis Ababa. According to Addis Ababa City Administration, the homes will be built by government and private partnership. OVID group in partnership with the city government will build the homes in “Gelan Gurra City” site in 558 hectare of land.

The site includes residential houses, schools, modern commercial centers, health centers, recreational centers, green areas, children centers, sport centers with modern infrastructural facilities. The site will create job opportunities for over 250 thousand people.

The Ethiopian Herald April 7/2024


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