ENDC compiling Diasporas Nat’l Dialogue agendas

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) said it is compiling National Dialogue agendas forwarded from Ethiopians living abroad.

ENDC has been collecting and compiling National Dialogue agendas from members of Diaspora communities participating virtually categorized based on their regions, Commissioner Ambaye Ogato (PhD) said.

He told The Ethiopian Herald that the Commission is identifying participants and compiling the agendas forwarded by tens of thousands of Ethiopians living overseas.

During the discussions, some of the Diaspora members have promised to provide expertise support to the commission so as to make a successful National Dialogue process, he said.

As to him, members of the Diaspora community would directly or indirectly participate in the process.

Identifying participants of the National Dialogue is not an easy task because of the Diasporas residing in various parts of the globe and other reasons, according to the Commissioner.

Since the task is not linear, various activities are ongoing in parallel, he noted.

Moreover, Ambaye said, the commission has been trying to participate all parties including armed groups and other marginalized communities to conduct inclusive National Dialogue as much as possible.

Elaborating about the overall process of National Dialogue, he stated that the commission has tackled various challenges that required huge logistics to identify district level participants and other activities.



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