Ethiopia welcomes  DP World’s intent to port dev’t

 • Relation with UAE gaining new momentum

ADDIS ABABA– The United Arab Emirates (UAE) multinational logistics company DP World’s desire to cooperate with Ethiopia in port development is a welcoming approach that the government is working for, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UAE said.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Ambassador Oumer Hussein stated that the Ethiopian government will negotiate on terms of cooperation that was initiated by the DP World for port development. “We would like to cooperate on port development with not only DP World, but also with any interested companies or countries.”

Ambassador Oumer also said that Ethiopia’s potential cooperation with the DP World would be an extension of its robust partnership with the UAE and it is more rewarding than similar accords that would be concluded with other parties.

While commenting on the Arab countries’ political view on the Ethio-Somaliland port deal, the diplomat  advised members of the Arab League to examine the rationale of the accord and to shun their aggressive stance and provocative approach.

“As members of the Arab League, the countries may issue similar statements. However, it does not necessarily mean all of them demonstrate similar stances while dealing at a bilateral level. Something must be clear that the noise of those interest groups wielding hidden agendas in the League will be settled in due course of time.”

According to him, the one-to-one relationship with foreign countries determines what could happen in Ethiopia’s national interest. “They all know which position would preserve their national interest… [] We hope they will realize the civility of Ethiopia’s intention soon.”

He further highlighted that Ethiopia’s diplomatic relation with the UAE is gaining new momentum supplemented by ambitious agreements. “The UAE investment in Ethiopia hits a 2.4 billion USD mark and Ethiopians are also investing in Emirates in a great number. The two governments’ strong aspiration is the driving force for the growth of Ethio-UAE diplomatic ties. In my view, the huge investment potential is still untapped.”

Ethiopia’s geographical proximity with the UAE and other Gulf Arab countries is also suitable to enhance trade and commercial ties. The Gulf Arab countries are reliant on food imports from nations far away from the region and Ethiopia has every potential to become an active player in the UAE market in particular and the region’s market in general, Ambassador Oumer remarked.



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