Ethiopia to legalize support for religious institutions’ peace building efforts

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ADDIS ABABA-A proclamation and directive that legalize the government’s support to religious institutions peacebuilding role is being drafted, the Ministry of Peace (MoP) said, mentioning the involvement of religious and community leaders

MoP Strategic Affairs Chief Executive Adugna Bekele presented the ministry’s quarterly performance before the House of Peoples’ Representative Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee yesterday.

According to him, the ministry has tabled documents and legal frameworks including the proclamation and directive to stakeholders’ discussions.

Accordingly, the MoP has held discussions with 158 religious leaders and some other scholars and received recommendations and inputs to be included in the legal framework. The proclamation would be presented for further processes in a short time.

Adugna further noted that the Inter-Religious Council also presented its recommendation on how the government could support religious institutions’ peacebuilding contribution.

About the peace and security concerns, he indicated that the ministry involved a large number of people and exchanged views on ways to resolve conflicts in a lasting manner. Fruitful discussions were also held with the public to ensure enduring peace and control arms trafficking. “We conducted research that identified the root causes of the existing insecurities and the findings would be served as an input to the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission.”

While briefing journalists, Peace State Minister Taye Dendea said that the ministry conducted research on indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms. He however, mentioned the negative impacts of the unrest in various parts of the country in impeding the officials’ movement to hold discussions with communities.

It was learned that the MoP trained over 3000 voluntary youth peace ambassadors in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.



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