Diplomatic accolades

Whenever a political discourse about the quest for justice or the clamor for a level ground on the global arena across the ages arises, Ethiopia’s name comes to the center stage true to its being a beacon of freedom, aura of invincibility and emblem of independence. Add to that, the role the votary-of-tranquility nation played for collective peace worldwide. Based on these virtues, Ethiopia is turning into a sought-after nation by different coalitions for a common good.

Ethiopia has played a significant role in the birth of the defunct League of Nation and its successor the United Nations.

In the sphere of development, its thrust to stand on its own feet by bringing into life Mega projects, which turn around the lives of people beyond its perimeter, sticks out. GERD, Green Development and bumper wheat harvest are but to mention a few of its glaring accolades.

In the passage of eras, the international acceptance Ethiopia has been winning is gathering momentum from time to time. If we recount recent developments we come across the fact that among the 40 countries that applied to join the ranks of BRICS’ members,drawing attention, Ethiopia has found itself among the six countries that enjoyed the green light. This showcases that BRICS’ members know full well Ethiopia’s position in Africa. In the red-hot or cut-throat global economic competition locking arms with Ethiopia has proved beneficial. Many have understood partnering with this great nation is worth the candle, for the country abounds in bountiful natural resources, offers less expensive labor and boasts a geographical location preferable owing to its proximity to the European market. Hence, provided the aforementioned investor sniffing for a lucrative business venture could not bat an eye to outlay its finance.

In the G-77 countries’ Summit held for the past two days Ethiopia was present as a founding member. Ever since its inception Ethiopia was conspicuously taping the group’s back in a bid it portrays conviction. About 50 African countries are members of the group. Its cardinal objective is setting directions for African countries to ward off hurdles in their pursuit of development and prosperity. Also the decisions this south summit comes up with will prod the UN to better heed the burning issues. Snowballing from time to time the number of member countries has hit 134 marks. Unlike groups that collapse easily and in no time, member countries are on a long march towards set objectives.

It will not be a hyperbole to claim that nowadays there is no quarter that doesn’t want to work with Ethiopia. The amendment of Ethiopia’s Foreign Affair policy is ascribable for the door opened wide for a win-win clicking. It does not brush aside any country as an enemy. It rather stretches out arms towards those aiming at common growth. As such it treats all cordially.

When the economies of countries display leaps they show desire to do transactions by themselves free of impositions. At this precise moment many are inhibited to do business without USD even in the presence of common ways. As such countries including Ethiopia are suffering from shackles to do business. The G-77 summit is expected to troubleshoot such challenges.

The reason attributable to the strong relationship China created with Ethiopia and also the remaining African countries is the strong and long bond China created with Ethiopia. Currently it is portraying its solidarity with G-77 countries. This country on par with a continent is building a robust economy to lock horns with the so far domineering ones. China’s role as a partner in G-77 allows a sense of freedom. African countries could secure loans from China’s banks to translate their action plans of development.

According to historical records, when G-77 was established sovereign Ethiopia was exemplary for the global community. Ethiopia was singing about liberty, equality, justice and democracy.

Now Ethiopia’s image in the global arena is picking up steam. The success could be traced back to various reasons. To keep the diplomatic achievements going there is a call for a common national narrative. For this to happen setting the ball of the national dialog rolling must come to the front burner.


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