Science has delivered, will the WTO deliver?

 BY BRAJENDRA NAVNIT (Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to WTO) TRIPS waiver proposal from India, South Africa and other members A proposal by India, South Africa and eight other countries calls... Read more »

Desperate plots to halt Ethiopia’s takeoff

BY SOLOMON WASSIHUN Over the last half-century, Ethiopia had experienced two notable miscarriages of democratic system. The first is the transition period of the early 70s’ and the second being the transition... Read more »

Ethiopia needs its own version of iron ladies in politics!

BY DESTA GEBREHIWOT Over the years, Ethiopia has seen the number of women rising in senior government positions and today they have, relatively speaking, better representations both at the House of Peoples... Read more »

Timely stringent measures for getting atrocious acts dried

BY GIRMACHEW GASHAW As human beings do have dual mentalities to accept circumstance accordingly, some have the gut to be fascinated observing mass murders, but some others are likely to be horrified... Read more »

Political engagement needs to be gender sensitive

BY YESUF ENDRIS  The political ocean in which the world is swimming has incorporated a lot of things as it is the basis to drive any wheel in every country well since... Read more »

A ray of hope sparks in the Horn of Africa

BY HAILE DEMEKE Getting peace prevailed in the Horn of Africa does have an immense repercussion to the development, growth and prosperity of the entire continent. However, sometimes countries encounter unknowingly or... Read more »

Inciting tribal clash, toppling reform process exhibits political immaturity

BY MENGESHA AMARE “We are striving for making the political and democratic field inclusive and participatory instead of being a confined corridor of a few monopolizing groups. We have to come up... Read more »

Getting sources of terrorism dried is declaring peace and freedom in the Horn

BY HAILE DEMEKE The Horn of Africa is the most preferable and strategic location that can potentially win world confidence to buttress investment, trade and relationships for common good. However, it has... Read more »

Political reform: A spinal column of transformation

BY MENGESHA AMARE The Prosperity Party (PP) and Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), which deviated from the former for an obscured reason, have more consistently taken broadminded and conventional positions, respectively, on... Read more »

Tigray State journey from hell to heaven

BY GIRMACHEW GASHAW A one-party dominated administration in Tigray state is substituted by an inclusive interim administration that invites all concerned. It is prettily regarded as the transition of the state from... Read more »