The problem with multi-party democracy

Whatever one’s view of the ongoing reforms, the fact is that a general election is expected to be held in the next few months, bringing with it, for the first time, Western-style... Read more »

Keep walking:Time to get Geyed for our trees

My friend Duni had been to Europe for two years to study and get his master’s degree in anthropology. And now he is back with new outlooks about the world. In the... Read more »


It is unfair and entirely wrong to detain man in one place; keep him waiting or preventing him from leaving or going elsewhere. Man travels from place-to-place for business, visits or other... Read more »

The value of security

In light of this title, one might ask why it should be necessary to focus on “security,” rather than, say, “democracy,” “synergy,” or, indeed, “prosperity.” Doubtless, there will be those who argue... Read more »

What is in child marriage, female circumcision roadmap?

Gender relations have negatively impacted on women and girls’ position in every aspect of life, the wrong attitude of considering this important segment of the society as lesser as compared with male... Read more »

Africa needs more mosquitos with impunity

Founder & Executive Director of Nile Youth Development Actions The issue of the African youth is relevant to the African Union, the emancipation of the young people goes beyond annual thematic areas,... Read more »