Decoding messages encoded in Gondar’s grooving style

My first exposure to Gondar befell during my undergraduate studies at the University of Gondar. This initial encounter with the city left a profound impression on me, as I discovered a place... Read more »

Easter Reflections

With OUR EYES we see The beauty of Easter as the earth awakens once more… With OUR EARS we hear The birds sing sweetly to tell us Spring again is here… With... Read more »

The crucifixion

I laughed and mocked as He walked that day, up a hill to redeem my soul. I joined the crowd to spit and jeer, and I watched His sorrow grow. I drove... Read more »

 BRICS Moscow Film Festival: When Culture Promotes Common Vision

This year’s annual Moscow international film festival has taken place from April 19 to April 26, 2024. This film festival is called the BRICS Moscow international film festival because BRICS member countries... Read more »

From “The Everlasting Mercy”

O Christ who holds the open gate, O Christ who drives the furrow straight, O Christ, the plough, O Christ, the laughter Of holy white birds flying after, Lo, all my heart’s... Read more »


He whispered to me in his still soft voice Whispers from eternity in my broken heart. He directs my thoughts by the Holy Spirit Conquering my mind to do His will. He... Read more »

 “Art exists for a reason” -Standup comedian Michael Senghazi

Michael Senghazi is a young stand-up comedian from Burundi. He is also an actor, salesman, and children’s book author. In short, he is a multi-talented individual. This writer met him while he... Read more »

 Selected Poems from ‘Blue Sister, River Vilija’ through the lens of Marxist Criticism

From a Marxist perspective, literature that eyes at aesthetic effect alone and underplays or divorces itself from promoting the causes of the majority and worse still fails to drag into light the... Read more »

 Is there a ‘culture of Africa’? A simple question in search of complex answers

Is there an African culture, an African art or an African anthropology or an African science? These questions seem mostly academic or banal but there are no clear answers to them. The... Read more »

Addis corridor development to increase city’s livability

Cities are lively, dynamic environments that foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and development while providing socio-cultural diversity and economic opportunity. But these advantages come at a high price. Green cities, as many experts have... Read more »