Unmatched grace

When a traditional Music and dance, Accentuating A century-old bilateral Ties, took place A biracial and mesmeric Greek goddess, With chocolate Lucy’s face, Exhibiting elegance And radiant face, With splendor Leased in... Read more »


We try to be perfect But we often get lost We are not always right Things are not always bright We have a darker side That we deny so bad We suppress... Read more »

 How much you loved me matters

(A short story) A soft girl’s hand caressed the man’s chest up and down to fasten the knot of the necktie. The man was standing engrossed in thoughts. The girl was hungry... Read more »

 The filmmaker who brought Ethiopian cinema to the global stage

The buzz around Haile Gerima’s yet to be released movie is already going viral on social media. As a rule, every time that a cinematographer of Haile’s caliber announces that he is... Read more »

 The Arada Boys’, Subculture,Artistic Creativity

A subculture is defined as “an identifiable subgroup within a society or group of people, especially one characterized by beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger group.” A subculture... Read more »

 A song of life

BY SALOMEJA NERIS My life is a windstorm, unleashed and unbounded, It sweeps like a falcon expanses of field! My life with the echoes of spring is resounding, My life is a... Read more »

Always be yourself !

Some people tell you to be different things from their experience which might sometimes be helpful but you definitely do not have to change your core values. I am not saying you... Read more »

 The Nile River, two ancient African civilizations, a shared destiny

Personally, I am a fan of Naguib Mahfouz, the most celebrated Egyptian author who has written extensively about his country’s ancient as well as modern civilizations. His oeuvre includes many novels and... Read more »

Soaring with wings of success

“When we hand down This flag to posterity Paying prices of life To the country’s Age-old sovereignty It is with a word of caution ‘This generation Should accord due attention To handing... Read more »

An overriding national f

 Abebe Bekela, Miruts Yefter …Derartu, Haile, Tirunesh Kenenisa, Meseret, … Solomon Eletesenbet Gudaf … and all With a similar footfall! Displaying a superb Long-distance athletic feat When many superstars Awe inspiringly you... Read more »