Atrocities: T- TPLF’s routine tasks ignored by the world

BY DANIEL ALEMAYEHU Needless to say, the continuous recurrence of war heavily affects the economic, political and social foundations of a nation. More than that, the lives of citizens face great danger.... Read more »

Perception is reality in political affairs

BY GETACHEW MINAS Political analysts think that “perception is reality in politics” The real performance of political parties could be analyzed using conceptual distinctions between “democracy as a means of interest optimization,... Read more »

Unprecedented global challenges are ‘not insurmountable’ – UN chief

BY STAFF REPORTER Nearly a year ago, the UN chief released his report, Our Common Agenda (OCA), a blueprint for global cooperation moving forward, and reinvigorated multilateralism. On Thursday, he updated the... Read more »

Is US, EU current policy on Ethiopia in their best interest?

 BY DEJEN RAS On the 30th of July, Sisay Agena of Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) hosted two political analysts at his TV show, Abebe Gelaw and Dr. Derese Getachew, to discuss the... Read more »

Rejuvenating integration of the Horn to withstand external pressure

 BY LAKACHEW ATINAFU The land mass to the south of Egypt has been grabbing the concern of explorers, preachers and asylum seekers from every quarters of the globe. Historical incidents witnessed that... Read more »

Housing construction as part of urban development

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS According to the United Nations Charter, obtaining residential house is the right of all citizens. The Ethiopian constitution also endorsed that citizens have the right to live in a... Read more »

The financial system Africa needs

 BY VERA SONGWE Africa’s vast economic potential is no secret. But tapping it will be possible only if major developed countries and emerging economies work together to design a more inclusive and... Read more »

“Administrator Power’s Foreign Policy Address”

PART TWO On June 7, 2022, Samantha Power, USAID Administrator delivered a speech pompously billed as “Administrator Power’s Foreign Policy Address”. Before offering my analysis of substantive elements of Power’s speech, I... Read more »

Celebrating Russia Day

Today, on June 12, we celebrate a holiday that can be confidently called the birthday of sovereign Russia. Adopted in 1990, the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Russia became the starting... Read more »

“Lead someone around by the ears”

Why do those who do dis-information, misinformation, and mal-information get success on the rest of us? Since the fall of the terrorist TPLF (T-TPLF) from having a central role in the nation’s... Read more »