Ethiopia: A land of fascinating history and culture

 COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTER The land we know as Ethiopia has a long, complex, fascinating and reasonably well-documented history, during which time it was mostly known as Abyssinia. That its history is... Read more »

Ethiopia: A truly unique country

COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTER With more than 80 ethnic groups, Ethiopia is a home to several ethnic groups who have their own untouched indigenous cultural values and traditional rites. The Mursi and... Read more »

Accommodating the interest and norm of local community to conserve sanctuary

Senkele Wild Life Sanctuary is located in Oromia state West Arsi zone Siraro district at 305 kms South of Addis Ababa. The Sanctuary covers an area of 54 square kilometer; and it... Read more »

The nation’s beauty of cultural costume

Ethiopians have varieties of occasional costume. The traditional clothes are colorful and magnificent. Blue, white, red, yellow, black, red and combination of these colors provide beauty to the clothing of the nation.... Read more »

Arsi Mountains National Park: The most attractive park

Arsi Mountains National Park is a newly established (2011) national park located in Oromia State, southeastern part of Ethiopia. The park consists of four fragment blocks that are no longer connected to... Read more »

Conserving Abijatta Shala Lakes: A dual target hitting means

Ethiopia has myriads of lakes and rivers with significant ecosystem services and biodiversity contribution. Rift valley lakes which are found in central Ethiopia are the most common lakes that have been contributing... Read more »

Ethiopia: A land with abundant unique tourist destinations

Ethiopia is a large country with intermingled and inextricable biodiversity. The presence of varying cultural and historical beauty makes the country one of the best tourist destinations in East Africa. This makes... Read more »

Entoto Mountain: Home of eco- tourism

Entoto Mountain is the highest peak where one can overlook the extensive and spectacular views of Addis Ababa city in all direction. Reaching 3,200 meter above sea level, Mount Entoto is also... Read more »

Sof Omar: Caves of mystery

The Web River, in Bale Zone of the Oromia State, cascades down from the rocky highland moorlands through deep gorges and tumbles down to forested hillsides until it slows its hectic decent... Read more »

Ethiopia:- The historic wonder under restoration

Despite their poor maintenance, the historical sites in the country vividly portray the genuine history of the people of Ethiopia. By looking at the palaces, one can recognize the untold history of... Read more »