Ministry recognizes cross-border drivers

ADDIS ABABA– The Ministry of Transport and Logistics (MoTL) held yesterday an award and recognition program for cross-border heavy cargo and cross-country public transport drivers.

In the program, recognition and certificates were given to drivers who have served for a long time by providing better service in the sector.

Speaking at the event, MoTL Minster AlemuSeme (PhD) said cross-border and cross-country drivers have been playing an indispensable role in improving the national economy and encouraging social ties.

The Minister also expressed gratitude to drivers who are working day and to deliver humanitarian assistance and medicine even in times of difficulty. “Due to their noble contribution in times of difficulty, those drivers are heroes and deserve to be respected and recognized.”

Thereform government has been carrying out various activities to create an enabling environment for cross-border cargo and cross-country public transport vehicles during the past six years. Of these, expanding road infrastructure and ensuring drivers’ safety are measures that have registered commendable outcomes.

Alemu further highlighted that 95 % of Ethiopia’s foreign trade is facilitated through land transport or train operators. “That is why cross-border heavy cargo and public transport vehicles drivers are heroes.”

“Cross-border transport is one of the sectors that have greatly supported Ethiopia’s development. The sector has also immense contribution to the construction of Abbay Dam by transporting resourcesand the drivers’ departing from their families for several days is a testimony to this.”

Ethiopian Transport Employers Federation Public Relations Head Dejene Luche said that driving is a field that needs serious responsibility to safeguard citizens from car accidents.

Ethiopia is still leading several countries in car accidents though the number of vehicles is small in the comparative terms. Therefore, vehicles driving need serious care whilst stakeholders’collaboration would play a vital role in reducing car accidents, Dejene emphasized.


The Ethiopian herald May 19/2024


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