Digital economy focuses on youth employment

ADDIS ABABA- Digital economy stands in better position than the remaining sectors in terms of creating jobs and easing the rampant youth unemployment in the country, experts in the issue said.

Speaking to local media, the United Nations Capital Development Fund Coordinator in Ethiopia Ibrahim Mama stated that in recent years, the sector has created ample jobs for the youth given most of the innovations in technology and Fintechare destined to the new generation. “In turn, the digital economy would open doors for the youth to create further employment.”

Digital Ethiopia 2025 is a huge milestone in terms of enhancing financial transactions as well as introducing new digital financial services over the years, he added.

“Ethiopia has carried out several activities to boost the contribution of the digital economy to the GDP. The more the infrastructure of the digital economy is strengthened, the better other sectors in the country would engage in delivering their services in the system.”

Ibrahim also stated that the sectors would not only deliver their services, but they could also begin providing new service and deliver it in an efficient way.

There are ongoing activities in different sectors including education, transport, and health in the digital system. Of which, the effort that is being put in the agricultural sector would have a paramount importance to Ethiopia’s economy and the public’s livelihoods.

The United Nations Capital Development Fund is partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Transformation Institute to support smallholder farmers and small scale producers in digitizing the latter’s activities in a bid to increase agricultural product and productivity.

Nonetheless, more efforts need to be put in place to enhance the community’s digital financial literacy to achieve better results in the sector, the coordinator emphasized.

Kifiya Financial Technology Founder MunirDuri on his part stated that Ethiopia is already building the digital economy infrastructure. What is left is creating and upgrading different innovations in the sector.

According to Munir, equal attention should be given to curb cyber security breaches that could come along with digital systems. Thus, more awareness creation activities and training need to be available for the community at all levels.

Apart from enhancing digital literacy, due emphasis needs to be given in encouraging consultants in the area, he remarked.



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